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The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?

Born in 2014, Vietnam International Fashion Week (referred to as VIFW) is expected to create a breakthrough for the smokeless industry, which is still in its infancy in our country. The series of events has spanned 12 seasons, leaving an immense resonance and indeed opening the eyes of fans in the first few seasons. However, the closer it gets, the more VIFW loses its breath and is about to completely slip out of the two INTERNATIONAL words that once stood in the name.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW)?  - Photo 1.

Show “Wandering” by designer Adrian Anh Tuan on the opening night of Fashion Week.

Because of the range international everywhere, people began to describe VIFW as a “fair” that was superfluous, but lacking in the quintessence – where 5 out of 10 people showed up. reputation and market, instead of honoring fashion as a shining guide. More malicious are comparisons to a… “circus”: full of ridiculous tricks stretching from the catwalk to the front row, the guests have to dig their eyes to find a taste. America is somewhat possible.

As does so?

The flood of TikToker

An alarming situation has just happened in Spring/Summer Week 2022: staging Fashionista invite each other”lost eels“while force TikToker again “as many as piglets“In fact, there is no rule that only true Fashionistas can go to Fashion Week, but when the TikToker team is overwhelming in number and marches from the red carpet to the catwalk, the fans have to be proud of themselves. Q: What is BTC trying to attract?

Fashionista names are loved and are guaranteed faces like Chau Bui, Khanh Linh, Quynh Anh Shyn, Tu Hao… absolutely “Clammed up and diving disappeared“, without any regard. They were replaced in the front row by TikTokers like Pham Thoai, Le Bong, Tran Thanh Tam… with dozens of clothes as if they were saved from the season. Halloween last year.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 2.

The only counterweight to the TikToker lineup is the force Miss equally abundant. However, even with the number of troops from the Golden Lotus family and UNICORP, the Miss lineup also “conceded” to the large number of TikToker wings. It should be emphasized that the number of Misses attending VIFW this year has increased significantly compared to previous seasons.

And when they accidentally “encountered” each other, the Hau girls sadly gave up the lens to the whole TikToker team, who were flaunting their prestige in the loudest way.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 3.

The real rise of the TikToker world is understandable, because even the World Fashion Week series welcomes this new factor enthusiastically. TikTok is the fastest growing social network, the most extensive and the fashion industry needs this social network as a method to reach the audience – especially Gen Z.

However, instead of inviting TikTokers who are really FASHIONABLE, the organizers keep an eye on a series of names that make shocking jokes and even behave uncivilized.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 4.

In fact, the story of Le Bong was the fact that WASHING WATER TO WASH THE GLASS at the last Fashion Week. There are many reasons that the fashion village is increasingly giving priority various of when boldly creating opportunities for oversized, short or disabled models to showcase beautiful designs. Indeed, Vietnam also needs to learn this.

But it should be remembered that the factor that pushed the 1m67-tall TikToker into the heart of the storm of criticism lies in her erratic strides and innocent poses like a school-level performing arts student.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 5.

Again and again, can’t (and shouldn’t) blame TikToker for everything. Instead, the people who devalue VIFW are BTC members or designers who have invited them to come, creating opportunities for them to promote their variety skills to sentence view revealing instead of celebrating fashion in its most original way.

There’s a problem with the quality of the show

Semantics of the word international in VIFW increasingly faint to the alarm. If in the past, the fashion world was still satisfied with the wonderful quintessence from Frederick Lee, Zio Song, Yumi Katsura, Julien Fournié, Ezra Santos… now even famous designers in the country like Cong Tri, Phuong My, Thuy Nguyen, Le Thanh Hoa, Chung Thanh Phong… are also not very interested in this series of events. They chose to do individual shows with stricter standards in the organization, a more limited set of guests instead of opening the door to countless less successful and bold faces like the way VIFW is doing.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW)?  - Photo 13.

Fashion house Zimmerman first launched VIFW through a branded distribution company in Vietnam. The show is also more “sales” than exchanging and learning fashion thinking with designers in your country like before.

The variety in design styles is also lacking. Except for two names like Adrian Anh Tuan and Vo Cong Khanh with radical thinking and appreciative, Fashion Week this season is full of flowing evening dresses, many show-heavy collections with old perspectives and cheesy.

Meanwhile, potential young designers want to be present at Celebrating Local Pride 2022 – although the scale is more modest, it is more creative, and certainly does not lead the media with drama. This factor alone is more “international” than VIFW.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 7.

Most notable are the disasters that await right on the runway. Particularly for the show of designer Hoang Hai, there were 3 long legs that did not meet, but invited each other … “puck frogs”. This shows that the quality of the catwalk is not guaranteed, not to mention this problem has happened countless times in previous years.

Supermodel Thanh Hang once shared her thoughts that the catwalk here has many potential dangers such as slippery due to smoke, polishing with oil… so sometimes catwalk models are in a state of fear.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed VIFW?  - Photo 8.

Besides, the inadequacies such as “revealing” or guests waiting forever to see the show also lasted from year to year, did not improve at all.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW)?  - Photo 21.

Another “specialty” that BTC often entertains guests from month to year is the LONG LOOK. People often say waiting is not scary, scary is not knowing how long to wait. This was absolutely true on the opening 12 nights of the event.

The flood of TikTokers engulfed Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW)?  - Photo 22.

Even supermodel Thanh Hang became an unwilling “victim” of long speeches like hers. She stood fighting in the wings for 2 hours, carrying the 20kg outfit with many sharp details like knives.

Thanh Hang wears a 20kg dress that is as sharp as a knife


It is sad to admit that Vietnam International Fashion Week has passed its golden age, and now it is deeper and deeper into the world. ridiculous and disappointed. Unable to retain the prestigious and powerful figures of the fashion village, this event only created an atmosphere suitable for the excitement and noise outside but empty inside.

It is known that the last Spring/Summer was the time when BTC applied a new slogan: #ReFashion, including changing the way of thinking (ReThinking), investing in brand development (ReInventing) to produce suitable designs (ReGenerating). However, before the fashion revival is most effective, VIFW’s BTC has to give life to the entire event. They should rescue themselves before they want to extend their arms to protect any fashion house or brand, and they are far from being able to raise the bar for the whole Vietnamese fashion village if they keep organizing in a chaotic manner like last season.

With the most sincere heart, I hope BTC finds a new direction for Vietnam International Fashion Week. This is the sincere heart of the whole music world. Because after all, we only want one thing: FASHION.

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