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The hot scene of “crazy female 9X” caused fierce controversy

Friday, June 3, 2022 10:20 AM (GMT+7)

This is a film that marks the return of Korean “crazy women” after the scandal that caused fever throughout Asia.

Just released, “Eve” immediately attracted the attention of netizens because this is the project that marks Seo Ye Ji’s return to the screen after a long time of silence because of the scandal of manipulating ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun. lying about education, being rude to employees,… in April 2021.

Hot scenes of "crazy female 9X"  fiercely controversial - 1

Seo Ye Ji as the female lead in “Eve”

Right in episode 1, “Eve” caused a fever on social networks with a hot scene lasting more than 3 minutes between Lee Rael (Seo Ye Ji) – Jang Jin Wook (played by Lee Ha Yul). Accordingly, after performing an impressive artistic dance and talking with the mother of a daughter’s classmate, Lee Rael received a phone call from her husband, so she went out to receive flowers. Here, she actively seduced Jang Jin Wook: “You can see things that other people can’t see”.

The couple’s love scene took place right in the dressing room with hot and provocative gestures and words. Even Lee Rael deliberately did not lock the door so that Kang Yoon Gyeom (Park Byung Eun) could witness the incident – this is part of her revenge plan.

Hot scenes of "crazy female 9X"  fiercely controversial - 3

Hot scenes of "crazy female 9X"  fiercely controversial - 4

Seo Ye Ji’s hot scene in the movie

Clips and images of this 19+ video quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Having a hot scene right in episode 1 is not too strange when recently, most of the emotional – psychological films of the land of Kim Chi have hot scenes in the first episode. However, the hot scene in “Eve” received more mixed opinions and criticism. Accordingly, viewers think that the love scene between Lee Rael and Jang Jin Wook is inappropriate and unnecessary, it has no effect in this scene. In particular, this hot scene took place right in the event for the parents of new kindergarten students and the children who were also present at the party. A few remaining comments said that this scene is suitable to reflect the theme of the film as well as promote the development of the film’s plot.

“A sex scene in a TV series, I wonder if it’s necessary?”, “Why did Seo Ye Ji choose this project? She should have waited a little longer and come back with a better project”, “The 19+ scene was so bad”… many audience comments.

However, the acting of the couple in this scene is highly appreciated. Seo Ye Ji showed her ability to act with eyes, facial expressions, and good coordination with her co-stars in the sex scene. Sheet My Daily give special praise to the female star “It’s okay to be crazy” when boldly expressing a high-level emotional scene in the comeback work. In the drama, Rael played by Seo Ye Ji is a unique character who not only makes provocative comments, but also makes eye contact with Yugyeom – the object of her revenge.

Hot scenes of "crazy female 9X"  fiercely controversial - 5

Seo Ye Ji’s acting is highly appreciated

The first episode of “Eve” scored an average rating of 3.6%. “Eve” tells the story of Lee Rael’s revenge after a divorce worth 2 trillion won (equivalent to 1.7 billion USD) of a financial group that shocked the country. Seo Ye Ji takes on Lee Rael, after experiencing an unfortunate family incident, she transforms into a woman with deadly charm, likened to a “dangerous flower” – who will use everything. a trick to get revenge on the man who ruined his life.

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