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The manly guy appeared with me thanks to VnExpress Dating

I write this article to thank VnExpress and share the story to give you more motivation in your journey to find your other half.

I am the author of the article: “Find a calm, brave man”. Two weeks after the article was sent, one day I received a lot of emails to find out that my article was published. In the emails I receive, I filter out a few that are suitable for replying, and the rest send them a thank you email. Later, the number of posts was less and at that moment he appeared. He said that day he happened to come up VnExpress read the news, didn’t know there was a Dating section, saw the link of an article about finding a lover from here, so curiously clicked to see and see my post.

Although he is not the first person to email me, he is the most patient. I live quite introspective, want to feel more deeply about the other party without any impact of appearance, voice, so I suggest you only use email as the only means of communication for a month. I agree. With each subsequent letter, he and I wrote longer. From the shared posts, I feel and judge his personality, maturity, see enough trust to show up, make friends via chat. He really wanted to make an appointment but still patiently waited for me to be ready. I often joke with him, writing emails for a whole month but not sure to “lock” this girl, the probability of being eliminated is still very high.

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We decided to meet in person after a month of back and forth emails. In my imagination, he is quite handsome, then still surprised because he looks even more beautiful, more manly. As it turned out, the reason before I met him told him to send a photo so that he could identify it, he decided not to send it just because he took a bad photo, unlike in real life. About the man he is, converging what I am looking for in a mature man. He later said, I don’t understand how I can make a list of requirements as long as A4 pages to hope to converge in one person. I said to him again: “From the first day, I felt very familiar with you, I thought I had known you for a long time”. Even the way he dresses is my style.

Right now, I always feel lucky. VnExpress has been fortunate enough for us to meet each other, but it is up to each of you to go together for a long time. Always believe that, in this life, someone is born just for you. Congratulations brothers and sisters VnExpress lots of health. Wishing readers a happy day, hope those who are single soon find their own happy half.


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