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Three harmful effects everyone needs to know

In modern society, many people have the habit of skipping dinner because of their busy schedule. Not to mention, some people because they want to lose weight, they also skip dinner.

However, practice has proven that fasting at night can affect health, causing the body to be too hungry to sleep, or make up for it with a late night meal.

To answer the question: “Does fasting for dinner really help you lose weight?” A research team from Southern Medical University, China spent a year studying 139 obese people.

Life Times, China reported on the study and interviewed more experts on the topic.

The experts interviewed included:

– Shi Zhengli, Nutritionist of the Department of Nutrition, Beijing Friendship Hospital under the China Capital Medical University.

– Expert Coc Truyen Linh, famous Chinese nutritionist.

Fasting for dinner and losing weight

The team from Southern Medical University, China conducted a study on 139 obese people with BMI between 28 and 45. The results of the study were published in The New England Journal. of Medicine (NEJM) of the United States.

The researchers divided the participants into two groups:

– Group A applies a diet with restrictions on time and energy intake: Only eating from 8 am to 4 pm, and at the same time restricting the amount of calories loaded into the body. Group A is called the no-dinner group.

– Group B only applies an energy-restricted diet: This group can eat at any time but needs to control the amount of calories ingested in a day. Group B is known as the less uniform eating group.

The results showed that the group A diet had a certain weight loss effect, but considering the whole process, the weight loss effect of group A was not high.

The researchers said that fasting at night without controlling calorie intake at other meals of the day could not achieve the weight loss effect. The key to losing weight is to take in fewer calories than you expend.

In addition, research also shows that the method of weight loss by fasting is difficult to adhere to. Even with the guidance and supervision of experts, 15% of the study participants still gave up on losing weight midway. This is also the reason why in terms of weight loss, group A has a lower weight loss effect than group B.

Bad habits in the evening of many busy people: Three harms everyone needs to know - Photo 1.

Illustration: Losing weight by fasting dinner is very difficult to follow

Harm of fasting for dinner

From a nutritional point of view, the essence of eating two meals a day (only eating breakfast and lunch, fasting for dinner) is similar to intermittent fasting – that is, eating only for 8 hours and fasting for the rest of the time. again.

Intermittent fasting or fasting at night can help reduce body weight to a certain extent but at the same time it can also bring some negative effects to the body.

1. Gain back the weight

Maintaining the habit of not eating dinner can have the opposite results, making you not able to achieve your fat loss goals and also become fatter.

This is because when the body is in an empty state, it automatically releases a signal to absorb energy. If you don’t eat for dinner, then spend a long night on an empty stomach, the body will then be in a state of strong desire to absorb energy. Early the next morning, if you do not pay attention and eat foods with a lot of fat, the body will immediately absorb all the nutrients quickly.

Bad habits in the evening of many busy people: Three harms everyone needs to know - Photo 2.

Artwork: Maintaining the habit of not eating dinner to lose weight can have opposite results and make you gain weight back

2. Stomach problems

If you don’t have a meal in the evening, your stomach may have problems. When you fast for dinner, you will leave your stomach empty for more than 10 hours until the next morning.

During this time, according to the natural functioning of the body, the digestive organs still need to secrete stomach acid. If stomach acid is not digested, stomach acidosis can occur. This is why people who lose weight on this type of diet often have stomach problems, which in severe cases can be dangerous.

Bad habits at night of many busy people: Three harms everyone needs to know - Photo 3.

Illustration: Skipping dinner can cause stomach problems

3. Loss of muscle

Weight loss mainly reduces fat, muscle tissue… If muscle tissue is lost, it is difficult to replenish it back to the original.

Research shows that over a 12-week period, intermittent fasting can cause people to lose an average of 0.64 kg of muscle, while methods of calorie restriction but eating three full meals reduce an average of 0 ,17 kg of muscle.

In addition, the team of Beijing Union Medical University Hospital recommends that fasting at night can cause more serious effects for subjects with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. , coronary heart disease or cancer.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight with different diets, the most important thing is to control the total energy intake, pay attention to food choices, and ensure a reasonable combination of a variety of foods. different for nutritional balance.

Source: Baijiahao, Chinese Family Doctor

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