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Tu Hy Vien was accused by her ex-husband of using drugs on the banned list

The old couple often had arguments from petty to serious accusations. In the latest development of their divorce drama, Wang Xiaofei accused From Hy Vien Taking prescription drugs is prohibited for long periods of time.

Although Tu Hy Vien has been married to Uong Tieu Phi for 10 years and has two children, she entered a second marriage with ex-boyfriend DJ Koo only 4 months after the divorce. Her quick decision to get married shocked everyone, including her ex-husband. The controversy is therefore said to raise the temperature much more. In the latest allegation against her ex-husband, Tu said that throughout her marriage to the Chinese businessman, she felt “like a prison”.

Uong Tieu Phi is also said to have had an affair with other women while he and Tu Hy Vien were still living together. The Chinese businessman has denied the rumours. Taking his anger out on Weibo, Wang Xiaofei posted a post denying cheating, saying he was drunk and was photographed by a friend.

Uong Tieu Phi also revealed that their marriage had many challenges that he tried to save. During the pandemic, he urged Xu Xiyuan to bring their children to China to live with him and grow the business, but she refused. Instead, he had to fly to Taiwan multiple times and face long-term isolation requirements.

In her post, Uong Tieu Phi also revealed that Tu Xi Vien used banned prescription drugs. “Her mental condition was unstable in many cases, but I was there to help her,” said the Chinese businessman.

Wang Xiaofei also claimed that Tu Xiyuan demanded that he pay her 1 million Taiwan dollars per month. However, not long after posting accusations about his ex-wife, Wang Xiaofei deleted the post on Weibo.

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