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Ukraine can attack Crimea with US rockets

Ukrainian presidential adviser Alexey Areshtovich said that there is still a possibility that the country will use the long-range rocket systems provided by the United States to attack targets in the Crimean peninsula.

In 2014, Crimea was annexed to Russia after a referendum. However, Ukraine does not recognize this and still considers the peninsula as part of its territory.

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HIMARS system fires

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To receive advanced American multiple launch rocket systems, Ukraine pledged that it would not be used to attack targets within Russian territory.

However, since Ukraine does not recognize Crimea as Russian territory, it is still possible that Kyiv will use the systems rocket to attack this area.

When asked whether US rockets would be used to attack Crimea, Ukrainian presidential adviser Alexey Areshtovich said on June 2 that this possibility could still happen if necessary, according to RT radio. “Crimea is ours. It belongs to Ukraine and they know it. So rockets will fly to Crimea twice if necessary,” said Areshtovich, tacitly acknowledging that Ukraine had hit targets in Crimea.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Ukraine had assured the US that it would not use US rockets to attack targets in Russia.

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On June 1, US President Joe Biden Notice will deliver the package military aid new $700 million for Ukraine, of which the highlight is the M142 High Mobility Rocket System, also known as HIMARS. The system is capable of multiple launches with a range of about 30-80 km but can also launch ballistic missiles with a range of up to 300 km. However, the US does not appear to have supplied this type of missile to Ukraine.

Despite the commitments of Ukraine and the United States, Kremlin stated that he did not believe that Ukraine would not use rockets to fire on Russian territory, and accused the US of deliberately fueling the fire.

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