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Unique decorative patterns for home space

1. Decorative motifs of the living room wall

The living room is the most important space in the house. This is the place for the family to receive guests, and also the place to show the taste and class of the owner. Therefore, you need to invest in adorning the living room with impressive and luxurious decorative motifs.

The colors of the textures need to be polite, polite and in harmony with the interior space. At the same time, it must create an impressive and eye-catching highlight, attracting the attention of guests to the house. Assuming the living room has a dominant yellow tone, you should choose textures in dark yellow, brown, red tones… to highlight the space.

If the living space is small, choose wall decorations to make the room feel larger. Usually bright colors, floral motifs, nature will make the room more airy and bright. Therefore, you should choose textures about nature such as trees, flowers, sea, mountains, rivers, etc.

2. Bedroom wall decoration motifs

The bedroom is a private space that needs quiet, so you should choose decorative motifs in gentle and gentle colors. Do not choose patterns with strange, confusing or gloomy shapes, which will affect the quality of sleep. Beautiful textures have a very good mood-enhancing effect. Therefore, you should choose light, warm and friendly wallpaper patterns when decorating modern bedroom interiors in your family.

The bedroom is also a space that allows you to apply romantic motifs such as flowers, plants, moon and stars… Coming home after a stressful day, stepping into the bedroom and looking at the gentle textures will help you. much more relaxed and comfortable.

Depending on your preferences, age, and gender, you can choose the appropriate decoration for the bedroom. For children’s rooms, you should choose cute animal and flower motifs to create a joyful and lively feeling. With the room of the elderly should choose motifs with nostalgic and warm colors. However, you always remember, you should give priority to gentle and delicate textures to create a quiet and relaxing bedroom space.

3. Stair decoration motifs

Many homeowners leave the space on the stairs’ walls empty, making them monotonous and boring. Meanwhile, the stairs are where we go often, so why not beautify this area with unique decorative motifs. Compared with functional rooms, stairs help you more comfortable when choosing textures.

You can use unique and impressive textures such as geometric motifs, textures with letters and numbers, animal and tree motifs, etc. Surely with vivid vignette images, guests will come to visit your house. will have to admire and admire the creativity of the host.

Note, when highlighting the stairs with decorative motifs, you should remember to choose colors to synchronize with the interior design of the house. Otherwise, the stairs will be the place to ruin the whole interior idea.

4. Decorative motifs in the dining room

The dining room needs a bright, vibrant atmosphere to create joy and fun for every family meal. Therefore, you should choose vivid textures, bright and vibrant colors. Popular motifs for the dining room are often motifs of fruits, flowers, kitchen utensils such as dishes, etc. Or simply funny and unique shapes, bringing a sense of excitement to the atmosphere. family dining.

5. Beautiful kitchen interior decoration motifs

The kitchen is a space that needs inspiration and cleanliness. Therefore, you should choose eye-catching and attractive textures to create a lively space for the kitchen. The kitchen can match a variety of textures and colors. However, you should also pay attention to the general interior space of the whole room to choose the right texture.

7. Textures for the bathroom

Many families think that the bathroom space is always associated with white because it brings cleanliness and sophistication. Although it is clean, it will be monotonous and unattractive, so dress up this space with a new shirt by using decorative patterns such as cover decoration, Japanese motifs, beautiful free vector textures, baroque textures, ….as you like.

Natural motifs are always an eye-catching and attractive choice for your bathroom. Tropical motifs, stylized leaves, 4-leaf clovers, … to the scribbled bouquets of vines crawling on the wall are enough to attract anyone’s eyes. You can use natural textured tiles or wallpaper without worrying about getting dirty, this is considered a useful way when you want to bring the best outdoors into your bathroom.

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