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Unraveling the clip of the grandfather in the Bong Lai Pure House

Recently, when it comes to “Bong Lai Pure House” (also known as “Zen am on the edge of the universe”), many people often mention the phrase “grandfather teacher” to talk about the accused Le Tung Van (SN). 1932). So, who created this self-proclaimed “grandfather’s teacher” case?

According to the investigation conclusions of the Investigation Security Agency of Long An Provincial Police, on the basis of the inspection results, the authorities determined that there were 5 clips posted on 2 YouTube accounts containing infringing content. In it, the clip is called “5 little uncles – part 2, Adults celebrate the age of “grandfather” on the 1st of Tet…!” Posted on July 2, 2019, impersonated, impersonated the Buddha, insulted Buddhism.

Defendant Le Tung Van confessed to participating directly in this clip. The cameraman is the two defendants Le Thanh Hoan Nguyen (SN 1990) and Le Thanh Nhat Nguyen (SN 1991). Defendant Le Thi Cuc (SN 1960) prepared a golden postcard for Mr. Le Tung Van to wear, sat in front of a Buddha statue and an incense burner for some people to bow down and light incense.

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Defendant Le Tung Van

While kneeling, the accused Le Thu Van (SN 1957) said: “… pay homage to the original teacher, emancipation of existence, preaching, flamingo and so on…”. After filming the clip, Hoan Nguyen and Nhat Nguyen presented it to Mr. Le Tung Van to review and agree before the “grandfather” allowed to post on the YouTube account “5 little notes – Zen am on the edge of the universe”.

Defendant Hoan Nguyen determined that the rituals and procedures for worshiping, kneeling, etc. shown in the clip were prescribed and set out by Mr. Le Tung Van. The purpose of posting on YouTube was stated by Hoan Nguyen that for the online community and fans to see the group’s activities at “Peng Lai Tinh Vien – Meditation am on the edge of the universe”.

On December 31, 2021, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Long An province issued an assessment conclusion about the content of the clip above. Accordingly, the clip has a length of 18 minutes and 41 seconds, 452,313 views and 1,500 comments. In it, the passage from the minute 0:02:27 – 0:02:42 impersonated the Buddha, insulting Buddhism; the passage from minutes 0:06:06 – 0:06:13 pretended to be Buddha.

From this behavior and a series of other acts, on January 3, 2022, the Investigative Police Department of Duc Hoa District Public Security issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case for the crime of “abusing democratic freedoms to invade violations of the interests of the state, organizations and individuals” occurred at “Peng Lai Tinh Vien”.

Three days later, the Investigation Police Agency of Duc Hoa District Police issued a decision to prosecute the accused against Le Tung Van, Hoan Nguyen, Nhat Nguyen and Le Thanh Trung Duong; at the same time, ordered the arrest of the accused to be held in temporary detention for Hoan Nguyen, Nhat Nguyen and Trung Duong. Particularly, defendant Le Tung Van was banned from leaving the place of residence.

At the end of February 2022, the People’s Procuracy of Duc Hoa district decided to transfer this case to the Investigative Security Agency of Long An Provincial Police for investigation according to its competence. From here, two defendants Cao Thi Cuc and Nhi Nguyen were respectively prosecuted and detained.

The defendant Le Thu Van has not yet identified his whereabouts, so he has not yet carried out legal proceedings as prescribed. Ms. Le Thu Van is the biological mother of three defendants Nhi Nguyen, Hoan Nguyen and Nhat Nguyen. The father of these three defendants is currently unknown.

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