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Vi Thuy Linh and the “storm” of poetic dreams

In June, Saigon is in the rainy season. And there is a calm “storm” of poetry especially for the general public. As the leading representative of the 8X generation by posting since September 1995, passionate – professional work and persistent creativity, Vi Thuy Linh was the only poet invited from the Capital.

The organizer has considered Vietnamese as a “gold mine” of creativity and beauty of the soul through poetic activities. Poetry fills the soul of each country, its vitality is the guarantee of the life history and spirit of Vietnam.

Vi Thuy Linh and

Poet Vi Thuy Linh and the “storm” of poetic dreams. (Photo: NVCC)

Located on the ground floor with an area of ​​​​over 600m2, the maximum capacity at the exhibition at the same time is 400 spectators, to experience the exhibition space in the best way.

Cardboard paper material combined with shaping roki paper. Iron and wood frames shape the frame, paper forms alluvial deposits. Nearly 400m2 of paper is used exclusively for Vi Thuy Linh area. Installation time from June 1 and throughout 3 days and nights to complete the items in the exhibition.

The main color tones are light brown, beige, white combined with a splash effect like water waves. Hundreds of candles placed around create fanciful. And the poet appeared like an angel of love, with a real candle Vi Thuy Linh lit and held while performing – the fire of art and aspiration.

The lighting is meticulously prepared, designed with props and perspective, creating a “maze of light”. (If brighter, the surface of the material will be flashed, not beautiful). The total area of ​​the exhibition area is 600m2.

Copy Mediation (Thaïs) by Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet, very famous for piano and violin, was chosen by Vi Thuy Linh and Violinist Tang Thanh Nam as a “duet” of poetry – music that will captivate viewers. It has both a contemplative quality, a skin-tightening substance, and a magical substance.

Vi Thuy Linh and

Image of poet Vi Thuy Linh’s area. (Photo: BTC)

Following the Méditation is Après un rêve (After a Dream) by musician Gabriel Faure. Fate is Tang Thanh Nam – a trusted friend who, after discussions, immediately came up with a suitable work for ViLi. That is the “musical dream” for Linh’s poetic dream. And both are the music of French musicians, the hexagonal land where the two artists lived their youth in the best days.

Vi Thuy Linh and

Violinist Tang Thanh Nam. (Photo: NVCC)

Every time she appears, Vi Thuy Linh tries her best, in public on Vietnamese Poetry Days at Thai Hoc yard, Temple of Literature or concerts filled with L’Espace auditorium (French Cultural Center). , House of Student Culture – Student, Opera House.

Gifts for the audience are always impressions that no one has ever made, surprising and touching. ViLi emphasized: “I am dedicated to honor, prestige, for the trust of friends and audience. Accompanying Linh since the performance in March 2014, it has been more than 8 years since the return of the duo Tang Thanh Nam. will work with Vi Thuy Linh to make her “Dream”.

Vi Thuy Linh and

The exhibition “Today we are forever” takes place from 9 to 22 o’clock on June 4 at 212, Ly Chinh Thang Street, Ward 9, District 3, TP. HCM. The image leads into the exhibition space. (Photo: BTC)

On the evening of June 3, the organizers filmed artists in the exhibition area, in the spirit of that time still scattered. On June 4, BTC will shoot beautifully, the poet wears comfortable clothes depending on his preferences. The ideation, design, implementation and implementation are done with the team of art consultants. Panorama of the space in the form of a round stage, the audience around.

About poetry and this re-emergence, poet Vi Thuy Linh shared: Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), a great poet of Chile and Latin America, the most influential author of poetry composed in Spanish with masterpieces of passionate love poetry. Received the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature, his poetry has been translated around the world.

But Neruda reminds me most, is the affirmation of the power of poetry: “Without poetry, even words become dull”. And so, I keep burning the flame of passion for Vietnamese creation, first of all, the Vietnamese public.

When a great poet transcends national borders, it is no longer spoken and written language within territorial and national boundaries. A great poet is a poet with an influential magnetic field, strong and profound attraction, so that beauty and thought can spread without borders. It’s the art world, the dream delta. I live for poetry and die like a dream.”

Only, in Vi Thuy Linh’s “deltarium” area (more than 120m2), there are 5 large, poetic pillows to lie down to enjoy poetry and immerse in “Dream”. And Vi’s secrets still channel energy through poetry about the power of romance, belief in the spirit of the future, from the present.

One of the classic beasts of mankind is reading. Coming to this special “storm” of multi-faceted poetry, a stunning space of beauties gathered in the light of a poetic, multimedia art light source gives the public complex complexities far beyond any visualization of the familiar way of reception.

During the technological revolution, reading culture and poetry’s position were somewhat reduced, the vitality of poetry was still amazing. The audience not only stood and sat, but also prepared “lazy” pillows to read Vi Thuy Linh’s poetry. Lie down to immerse yourself in a splendid dream…

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