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“Vietnam U23 coach has extremely positive energy”

A quick interview with Noh Jin-ju was held at the Lokomotiv Stadium press room at noon on June 1 after the coaches of Group C teams completed the pre-tournament press conference. The female reporter born in 1993 is friendly and gives compliments to U23 Vietnam.

Korean female reporter:

Reporter Noh Jin-ju of Osen (Photo: Hieu Luong)

Reporter: Hello Noh Jin-ju, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Noh Jin-ju. Reporter of the Korean sports newspaper Osen.

– Reporter: What do you know and evaluate about U23 Vietnam?

I watched U23 Vietnam when they played the SEA Games. I saw the players playing very focused throughout the game. The fact that U23 Vietnam did not lose a point, did not concede a goal and won, made me think “really this is a team with good defensive ability”.

I think for sure U23 Vietnam will continue to show that in this tournament. U23 Korea needs to take precautions.

– Reporter: In Korea, is Coach Gong Oh-kyun well known? How do you rate his ability?

Two days ago (May 30), I had the opportunity to interview Coach Gong Oh-kyun. He is a person with a lot of positive energy. I think if that energy is spread to the members of U23 Vietnam, maybe he will lead the team to become a strong team like what Coach Park Hang-seo has been doing. I say these words as a fan from Korea.

– Reporter: How are Koreans interested in the AFC U23 Championship and the U23 team?

Korean fans are expecting a lot because the AFC U23 Championship is the first tournament for Mr. Hwang Sun-hong to take on the position of head coach. The team also has a lot of good players. Personally, I support them a lot. I believe they can play well and win.

Noh Jin-ju feels proud to be in Uzbekistan for the 2022 AFC U23 Championship (Photo: Hieu Luong)

– Reporter: How much do you predict the score of U23 Korea – U23 Vietnam?

I’m thinking 3-0 in favor of Korea U23 (laughs and raises hands to show 3-0).

– Reporter: I have not seen any Korean male reporters at this tournament. What do you think when you are a rare Korean female reporter present at this tournament?

I can understand the question is how I feel as a female reporter here reporting. Actually, I don’t feel any problem. I also don’t feel any more special as a girl. For me, it is an honor to be here to report. I am really grateful for the opportunity to come here and have the opportunity to be interviewed like this.

– Thank you for the interview!

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