Vinamilk’s vibrant playgrounds “attract” children to have fun

Interesting movement games have brought the children of the Capital International Children’s Day to the fullest fun and full of laughter.

From May 31 to June 4, 2022, Vinamilk accompanies the Dairy Association (HHS) to bring “The 3rd International Exhibition of Dairy and Dairy Products” many meaningful and practical activities, especially specifically targeting children. This is also a program organized to respond to World Milk Day and International Children’s Day June 1, which has been implemented by Vinamilk for many years.

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

At the event, children can enjoy delicious and nutritious dairy products of Vinamilk

Since 2001, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has chosen June 1 every year as World Dairy Day to raise awareness of the importance of dairy products to human health as well as the contribution to the industry. milk worldwide. In particular, experiencing the impacts of the global pandemic, the community’s interest in health and the sense of health protection of themselves and their families is higher than ever.

The need for nutrition to help improve health and strengthen the body’s resistance is concerned by many Vietnamese families, with nutrition for young children as the top priority. Modern parents are always looking for nutritional solutions to help their children develop comprehensively, especially in the early stages of their children’s physical and height development.

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

Milk is a very necessary source of nutrition for children, contributing to helping children improve their resistance and physical development

According to the report of the National Institute of Nutrition in 2020, which was surveyed on the largest scale ever, the average height of young Vietnamese men increased by 3.7 cm and women increased by 2.6 cm compared to 10 years. before. The rate of malnourished children under 5 years of age in Vietnam is 19.6%, the first time reaching the low rate according to the classification of the World Health Organization in 1997. This is the result of many activities to raise awareness of children’s health care for many years by the Government, society and many businesses, in order to encourage people to use dairy products to improve their children’s height and health.

That is why Vinamilk persists in its commitment throughout 46 years of brand operation, with the mission to accompany the development of many generations of Vietnamese people, through research and introduction of quality nutritional products. international quality, bringing many additional benefits to consumers, for a “Vietnam always rises”.

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

Vinamilk’s nutritious milk products are very familiar to Vietnamese children for generations.

Following that spirit, in addition to many activities for families and children, throughout the International Dairy Industry Exhibition, Vinamilk also brings a lot of necessary nutrition and health knowledge through many interesting topics. in two dairy industry seminars on June 1 and June 2, 2022.

Specifically, the importance of milk for physical development, resistance enhancement and children’s health was shared by Vinamilk in the content “Good nutrition for good health”. Or the topic “Nutrition but must be delicious” also learned by many parents is how to properly pay attention to the nutritional needs, tastes, and preferences of children, so that children love and form habits. Use healthy foods.

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

The space of the re-enactment of Vinamilk’s “Resort” Cow Sua has been meticulously invested by a large number of children and parents to visit and learn.

These are also the aspects that World Milk Day launched in many countries, aiming for sustainable development after 2 years of experiencing the strong impacts of the pandemic, in which, emphasis on a number of aspects such as: “sustainability in the dairy industry” or “good nutrition for good health”.

Not only providing useful information, at this year’s exhibition, Vinamilk also organized a playground for children on the occasion of the International Children’s Day 1/6 with many activities and attractive gifts, so that the children can have hours of fun. minutes of healthy, playful entertainment.

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

The playground “The running balls” of Vinamilk Hero brand was enthusiastically participated by children

Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds
Vinamilk's vibrant playgrounds

With eye-catching decoration, Vinamilk’s display area and playground are always visited by children to save happy moments with friends.

Sharing about the series of activities on this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh – Executive Director of Vinamilk Research & Development said: “Vinamilk wishes to help parents have more information and knowledge to take care of their health. , strengthen children’s resistance through nutrition from milk, which is very necessary to build children a solid health foundation and prevent diseases. Due to illness, most of the children are limited in their play and learning activities.The attractive games at Vinamilk’s playground have brought them exciting experiences on International Children’s Day!”.

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