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Winning the lawsuit, Johnny Depp still can’t return to his peak?

After being sentenced to win the case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp made the fans burst with emotion and happiness. However, according to Hollywood experts, the actor’s reputation may not be fully restored even after winning the lawsuit.

A Hollywood expert told People: “I don’t think he can go back to his peak. This is a waste of time, money and effort.” This expert also believes that Johnny Depp can certainly be invited by many studios for projects because he is loved by the audience. However, this does not mean Johnny Depp can have a glorious career.

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“After the verdict, it will be time for Johnny Depp to move on, sometimes gnawing at the pain if necessary. Years of building his reputation have been destroyed in a matter of weeks. No one really is. the winner”, the expert shared his point of view.

The expert also explained the reason why Johnny Depp was difficult to regain his former peak form: “It is true that Mr. Depp won morally, but don’t forget he won over a woman he was. once loved deeply. And he made her taste the mud.”

“Johnny Depp’s career could return, while Amber Heard will have to focus on choosing a different, smaller and motivating career path for her”, the expert emphasized, “Although Johnny Depp cannot sublime like before, but he will do better. The fans are extremely loyal and have a voice even though all know he is not perfect.”

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Before that, many other experts also said that the 58-year-old actor is likely to return to Hollywood with a completely different image, that is, he will not have as many roles as a hero as before, and there may be no more Disney contracts. This is because the actor’s image is no longer suitable for the “family, friendly” type.

“Perhaps he’ll do indie films and play some bad guy, some criminal. Cute, funny roles won’t suit him anymore, but the bad guy role would be perfect. “, said crisis media expert.

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