Women should stay away from men with these 3 traits

If encountering a man with the following 3 characteristics, women should stay away lest they suffer for a lifetime.

Thin lips, rabbit teeth

Women should stay away from men with these 3 traits-1

Follow anthropologymen with rabbit teeth, thin lips are the type of people who are lazy to play, like to enjoy but do not want to put in labor.

These men are often soft-spoken, so they are very popular with women. But they are also the type of unfaithful people who are often new and old. Therefore, anyone with this type of man will be extremely hard and miserable.

Natural curly hair

Women should stay away from men with these 3 traits-2

In anthropology, if a man owns naturally curly hair, he often has the habit of “moon flower and butterfly”, easy to commit adultery.

These men tend to like “standing in the mountains and looking at the mountains”, so even after they get married, they don’t give up their lustful habits. A woman with the right socks man This will be painful and tiring all day.

In addition, these men are lazy to work, they just wait for others to bring them benefits, but rarely think about others. Therefore, a woman who marries a husband like this spends her whole life in tears.

Wet eyes, deep corners of eyes

Women should stay away from men with these 3 traits-3

According to anthropology, a man with wet eyes and deep corners of his eyes is usually a person who lives a life of melancholy and sentimentalism. Most people with this eye feature can often be both amorous, and they are also very peachy, so they are rarely faithful to a woman for a long time.

This man never knows enough, they always tend to want to find new things, outside relationships. “Socks” right to them, women’s lives may be more difficult to have intact happiness.

Not only is this man unfaithful in love, but this type of man is also indecisive at work. They often suffer from the disease of craving and boredom even at work, so the road to fame is difficult to promote as desired.

In particular, these men often enjoy a lifestyle of wild consumption, so they cannot keep money, and their lives always fall into poverty. So, women should stay away from this type of man lest he get disadvantaged easily.

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