7 simple ways to reduce snoring

During sleep, the body takes in a certain amount of air. This amount of air will go into the nose or mouth, then down to the lungs and exhale naturally. If the pharynx is narrow, the inhaled air will pass through a narrower area, the surrounding mucosal tissues therefore vibrate and create a sound. This sound, wheezing or hoarse, coming from the nose or mouth, is called snoring.

Causes of snoring

– Nasal congestion or blocked airways in the nose: Due to sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, due to nasal deformities such as deviated septum…

In some people, the muscles in the throat and tongue are underactive, which relaxes and puts pressure on the airways. Abuse of alcohol or sleeping pills, the older you are, the less active the muscles are.

Being overweight and obese can make throat tissue less flexible, causing snoring.

– Having VA, tonsils or large pharyngeal nodes also cause snoring

– Irregular sleep causes mental fatigue

The biggest risk of snoring to yourself is “sleep apnea”. That means we can have a narrow airway when oxygen to the brain is lacking, which leads to many consequences such as: waking up the next morning, you will experience fatigue and lethargy; even dozing off while driving; The quality of work is reduced, not flexible and lucid. If sleep apnea lasts for more than 10 seconds or more, it can sometimes lead to the worst case scenario, sudden death.

In addition, a person who snores first affects the people around them a lot such as children, wife, husband, neighbors, etc., because the sound of your snoring can make people around you feel uncomfortable and unable to sleep. get into sleep.

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How to overcome snoring

Avoid overeating at dinner

In daily meals, especially dinner, you should not eat too much. Because it has a bad effect on the stomach and causes snoring at night. Therefore, when you finish eating after dinner, you should go for a walk to help digest faster and at the same time help the body get deeper and deeper sleep. Do not eat dairy products before bed.

Change sleeping position

If you lie on your back, it can cause the tongue and roof of the mouth to tend to fall down the throat, causing snoring. Lying on your side helps alleviate this. Using a high pillow helps open up the airways.

Weight loss

Overweight and obese people are more likely to snore. Weight loss is a proven way to reduce snoring.

Do not drink alcohol, smoke

Avoid drinking alcohol before bed, as alcohol causes a decrease in muscle tone including the throat muscles. Quit smoking because tobacco irritates the respiratory tract.

Practice regular sleep habits

People who lack sleep make mental fatigue easily lead to snoring. Do not use sedatives or any other drug that causes a decrease in muscle tone in the pharynx.

Regularly change bed sheets and pillowcases

Because house dust can be an allergen that can cause snoring.

Clear airways

Use a nasal spray if you have a rhinitis that causes secretions to obstruct your airways.

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