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A few months away from work, he came back to see his wife’s stomach cluttered, the husband was surprised by his wife’s statement

Sohu News reported that on May 31, 2022, Mr. Liu, 32, living in Guangdong province, China, met Ms. Xiaojuan through a matchmaker, then got married. However, the marriage did not have a solid emotional foundation, so it was not very happy. Mr. Liu and his wife often quarrel and conflict.

Fearing that this situation would continue to be bad and involve many people, Mr. Liu decided to go to the city to work, while his wife stayed at home as a housewife and took care of her elderly parents. Mr. Liu said that as long as the couple did not see each other often, there would be no quarrels over petty things.

Unexpectedly, only 6 months after Mr. Liu left his hometown to work in the city, he began to hear bad rumors about his wife, saying that Ms. Xiaojuan had another man outside. Mr. Liu initially trusted his wife very much, but gradually became shaken by these rumors. Therefore, Mr. Liu called his wife to ask about it. Unexpectedly, at this time, Ms. Xiaojuan informed her husband that she was 3 months pregnant.

A few months away from work, he came back to see his wife's stomach clumps, the husband was surprised by his wife's statement - 1

Mr. Liu rushed to buy a bus ticket back to his hometown, discovered his wife’s belly was cluttered, when he went to check, it was indeed 3 months pregnant. Mr. Liu was extremely angry when he heard about this. For the past 6 months, he has been working outside and has never been home, so the baby in Ms. Xiaojuan’s belly is definitely not his.

But that’s still not the most shocking thing. When she was criticized by her husband, Ms. Xiaojuan frankly admitted that she went out on a date with another man and got pregnant. Ms. Xiaojuan wants to give birth to this child and wants Mr. Liu to raise the child.

Angered at being “cuckolded” by his wife, Mr. Liu was even more indignant at this unbelievable proposal of Ms. Xiaojuan. Mr. Liu insisted that he would never raise children for others, and proposed a divorce from Ms. Xiaojuan, but she refused. Not knowing what to do, Mr. Liu had to seek the help of some reporters.

When reporters followed Mr. Liu home, Ms. Xiaojuan was folding clothes, her attitude completely nonchalant. When asked by the reporter, Ms. Xiaojuan looked at her husband and said: “I just want to prove myself, don’t you always say no one wants me?”.

Returning from work for a few months, he found his wife's stomach cluttered, the husband was surprised by his wife's statement - 2

Ms. Xiaojuan said that when she married Mr. Liu, she was 30 years old but still yearned for love. Unexpectedly, when she returned to her husband’s house, Ms. Xiaojuan did not receive any love from her husband, was always indifferent and cold, and then voluntarily left the city to work. Every time he talked to other people, Mr. Liu said that no one but him wanted to marry Ms. Xiaojuan. Because of this, Ms. Xiaojuan was sad and angry, and went out to find another man.

When the reporter asked Ms. Xiaojuan whose child the child was, she replied that she herself did not know. Ms. Xiaojuan asserted that whoever the child’s father is, she is now Mr. Liu’s wife, so he is responsible for raising the child. Ms. Xiaojuan still insists on not getting a divorce. Hearing these words, Mr. Liu was so angry that he was speechless.

The reporters were also confused by Ms. Xiaojuan’s stubbornness and could not reconcile the couple. Therefore, they have suggested that Mr. Liu can take legal measures to protect his rights and interests. According to the provisions of the Law on Marriage and Family, if one spouse commits adultery, the other can request a divorce through a petition.

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