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American way of life part 37

We got them both ready for bed and I suggested that we read them something until they both fell asleep. Justin immediately took out a book and read something to his siblings. I hate to admit it, but when he talks to his siblings like that and smiles so sweetly, I could forget everything around me. Justin can be so sweet and nice when he wants to be and he’s kinda really cute. He kissed Jazzy and Jaxon on the forehead before we both walked out. He wanted to run back down quickly, but I held him back for a moment and looked at him. S: Why aren’t you always like that? J: *laughs lightly* How am I right now? S: So nice and sweet. I could almost believe you’re a nice boy. J:*grins* Sel, I’m just not nice and sweet. The only ones who were supposed to see this were my siblings. I hate being like this. They’re really the only people I’m like that with because I like it there. I love them both and they should only think the best of me and they will find out soon enough that I’m not the dear big brother they think it is, but there’s still time. Much time. S:*looks at him questioningly* are you playing the lovely or the asshole Justin? I do not understand you. Why can’t you be the same to everyone? J:*sighs* Selena, you don’t understand. I’m an asshole and it stays that way. You can’t change me S: And why are you being nice to me now? J: I’m not nice to you at all. S: Then apparently I’m dreaming that you can be nice too. J:Probably.*pissed* S:Man, can’t you be honest and admit that you’re nice to me? J:*annoyed*I just don’t want you to tell my mom that I took you with Ryan. Is it okay now? I don’t feel like she taking my car away from me and that’s the only reason I acted nice and sweet. And no, I’m far from that.*angry* And besides, I don’t feel like you asking around and annoying you, I don’t want to talk to you and listen to your stupid tips. I am what I am and you can’t change me and now just leave me alone. Like I’m really nice to you because I really like you and I’m sorry I fucked you. I didn’t want you to say anything and I wanted to get you in bed one more time. When a guy is nice to you he just wants to fuck you anyway and I’m not a bit sorry that Ryan and I fucked you because you deserved it with your dumb good thing. You’re being nice and making out with me and Ryan and Chris and talking about how I’m a player and an asshole but you still fuck me. Wake up girl, you ain’t no better than me and now make us some food and do your job, bitch. S:*slaps him*ass. J:*laughs* You’re just as dumb as all the other girls, you’re just no better than the others. Don’t imagine that you’re an oh-so-great and well-behaved German girl. S:And you’re such an asshole.*a tear runs down your cheek* I hate you Bieber. J: What are you crying about now? You know us guys and now off. I’m hungry. S: Oh shut up. You can make your own food. I won’t bother you anymore.*walks into her room, cries lightly* I’m not crying because he said it to me or anything. Because I don’t give a damn about Justin, no, I’m crying over his words. He put me on the same level as himself and says that I am just like him. Just because I kissed him and his friends. Yes, the sex with him was voluntary and stupid, but the one with Ryan was absolutely not voluntary and the kisses with Ryan and Chris weren’t real kisses either. I didn’t want that. It was just to annoy Justin. Why does he have to compare me to himself? He must have had 50 women and I can’t keep up with that. Not 100 percent and I don’t want to either. And how mean is this bastard please? He’s only apologizing to me because he’s scared of the consequences? And I really thought that he really meant it. How could I be so stupid? Oh yes, because I always think of the good in people and even believed that he could have a bad conscience. But no, a boy like Justin can’t do that! He’s a disgusting ass and a thousand times worse than Ryan. I hate him! I really would like to go home again, but I couldn’t do that to Pattie, nor to Jazzy and Jaxon. – Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube:


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