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American Way of Life Part 68 1/2 End

S:*smiles slightly, then squeaks* J:Woaw.*laughs* What was that? S:We are together?!*smiles* J:*grins, smiles at her* Not quite baby.*smiles, kisses her tenderly* S:*returns the kiss passionately* J:*smiles, strokes her cheek* S :*breaks away, looks at him* I, I love you. J:*bright smile, lifts her slightly* And I love you! S:*grins*I’m dreaming, definitely! This can not be true! No! That’s not true! Justin Bieber and I are not dating, that’s wrong! Just a stupid dream! J:*pinches Selena all over* S:Ouch.*slaps him* J:*grins, kisses her arm, grins even more* I just wanted to prove to you that you’re not dreaming, honey! S:*smiles confused* Okay, so I’m really dating Justin Bieber? J:*nods* If you really want it then yes.*smiles happily* S:*smiles too* J:My mom is killing me, you know that right? S:I don’t care either.*chuckles* J:*smiles* Ohman, I didn’t want to fall in love until I was 25, you cute little beast. S:*laughs* Sorry, I’m sorry.*grins* Nope, not!*sticks tongue out at him* J:*smiles* It’s so weird that now I can kiss you whenever I want without that you yell at me or that I have to make fun of you. You are mine now! S:*smiles slightly* Damn, I’m feeling tingly in my stomach right now! J:*smiles* I’ve been since I kissed you for the first time, Selena. S: That long? J:*nods* When Ryan and I slept with you, I had such a weird feeling and I didn’t know what it was, but I was so damn jealous that he was sharing something with you that was supposed to be just for me. *lowers his gaze* I’ll never forgive myself for doing this! Not just because I was jealous, no that was the most disgusting thing we could do to you, that was so stupid and so gross. S:*looks at him* I know, but I’m still with you now and I still love you, kind of, even if it was stupid of you.*puts her head on his chest, takes his hand* J:*smiles , looks at her hands* I love you! Oh man, am I crazy? I’m really dating Justin now and still looking forward like a little silly kid? Oh man how beautiful it feels right now to have Justin hold my hand and smile at me! Apparently I’m really his very first girlfriend now and he’s my very first boyfriend and somehow it feels so perfect that we’re together. If Justin was always the way he is now, everything in my life would be perfect! Shit, I’m totally happy right now with Justin Bieber! He’s just as cute as he told me earlier! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and ears because I never thought that he just gave me such shit because he was madly in love with me. I thought that he was just a disgusting pig and that the only reason I was so stupid was that he was a jerk and a macho asshole, but it was very different. I now understand why he freaked out so much about Ryan and Chris because I kissed the two boys in front of him, that didn’t leave me cold when it came to the other women either! And I finally understand Justin’s words now! Why was he afraid of me and his feelings? He’s never been in love and Chris was so right that he was totally overwhelmed with his feelings towards me and it wasn’t really easy for him to tell me that he’s in love with me, you could see that, but for that he made it clear to me that somehow I like him more than I wanted to. I love the boy and that’s just making me so happy right now, even though Pattie probably won’t like it and Ryan and Chris will show me another bird! But I shouldn’t care as long as Justin is with me and continues to be nice to me everything can only be perfect and I will never let go of him again! But the emphasis is on the little word ‘if’! As soon as he messes up again, I’ll be gone again. And that’s exactly what I have to make clear to him now! – Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube:


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