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Bao Yen sings on Hoai River

Quang NamSinger Bao Yen sits on a boat on the Hoai River singing “My love from Quang”, at the show of Vu Ngoc and Son.

You are the only singer to perform at fashion events Peaceful place, June 4 afternoon in Hoi An ancient town. Before that, the two designers hid information to surprise the audience.

Bao Yen reappears at fashion show

Bao Yen sang “My love from Quang” at a fashion show. Video: Tan Cao

The singer wears a striking design, silk material, appearing from a boat in the middle of Hoai River. Bao Yen sings Love from Quang (Tran Ngoc) – the song that made her name in more than 40 years of singing. At the age of 64, the singer was praised for keeping his thick voice, his way of touching many emotions, receiving applause from the audience. Then she performed the song Golden afternoon (Nguyen Ba Nghiem).

Bao Yen sat on a boat in the middle of Hoai River, singing in the middle of the sunset.  Photo: Team Kinh Can

Bao Yen sat on a boat in the middle of Hoai River, singing in the middle of the sunset. Image: Team Glass

The singer said it took six years to accept the invitation to sing far away. Recently, she spent most of her time taking care of her family. The last time the audience saw Bao Yen standing on stage was in September 2019 at the show “Vietnamese Music” in Ho Chi Minh City. When she heard Vu Ngoc and Son talk about a fashion project in the heart of the old town, invited to perform, she excitedly accepted. Bao Yen said: “I was born in Hue, I have passed through Quang Nam many times but never visited Hoi An. The first time I came to the place as a world cultural heritage, sang songs about my homeland, I recover”.

Designer Vu Ngoc Tu said that when forming the show idea, the crew wanted to invite a vocalist who could convey the message of love for the homeland, associated with Quang Nam, so immediately thought of Bao Yen. He said: “For me, this is the unifying voice to appear in the peaceful and poetic space of the old town”.

Bao Yen reappeared after many years of absence.  Photo: Team Kinh Can

Bao Yen reappeared after three years of absence. Image: Team Glass

Bao Yen was born in 1958 in Hue, into a family rich in musical traditions. She was trained by her father – artist Thuy Trieu – from a young age. In 1981, Bao Yen was invited by Ho Chi Minh City Television Station to collaborate on recording and recording in music programs. In 1982, the sisters Bao Yen – Nha Phuong sang for the first time on a professional stage at Hoa Binh Theater and created a buzz. In 1985, Bao Yen reached the pinnacle of his career with music tapes Golden afternoon – a collection of 10 songs by musician Hoang Phuong, contributing to the popularization of “Go Cong music”.

For a time, Bao Yen’s singing resounded everywhere, from the theater to the buses and trains, from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau, then to Central and North. Many local radio stations also regularly broadcast her songs. In the 1990s, Bao Yen gradually withdrew from the stage because of family events. In the 2000s, she gradually returned, participating in domestic and overseas music programs. She and musician Quoc Dung have two sons – Khai Ca and Bao Chau.

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