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Building Belt 3 in Ho Chi Minh City and Belt 4 – Capital region: Efforts to break through traffic infrastructure

In addition to the effort to open the Ho Chi Minh route as soon as possible, the Government’s submission to the National Assembly for consideration and approval of the investment policy of 5 important traffic projects, including the highway, is also the first time. 3 . belt Ho Chi Minh City and Ring Road 4 – Hanoi’s capital area once again show a top priority strategy for breakthroughs in infrastructure.

Belt 3 is very urgent

On the sheet Laws of Ho Chi Minh CityChairman of the City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai affirmed: “The Ring Road 3 project in Ho Chi Minh City is very urgent, it is like an emergency medicine for critically ill patients. Nearly 20 years ago, especially, Especially in recent years, Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces are facing traffic congestion, land space, urban space development is too cramped. Therefore, this route will soon be put into use, which will solve the current shortcomings, but also create a new driving force to promote the development of the southern key economic region.

Building Belt 3 in Ho Chi Minh City and Ring 4 - Capital region: Efforts to break through traffic infrastructure - Photo 1.

The area of ​​My Phuoc – Tan Van road, Binh Duong province is within the scope of the Ring Road 3 project. (Photo: LD)

Belt 3 is the 13-year dream of Ho Chi Minh City. This route not only shortens the travel time between localities, but also helps to increase inter-regional connectivity.

The Mekong Delta is strategically connected with the Southeast region, but for a long time, it only relies on National Highway 1. The waterway system is also not fully exploited. In particular, the decisive factor for connection is the Ho Chi Minh City – Can Tho railway, which has been proposed for a long time but has not been implemented. Currently, the Ring Road 3 project has been “activated” again with the recognition that it is an urgent project that is highly expected by the localities.

The detailed planning of Ring Road 3 of Ho Chi Minh City has been approved by the Prime Minister, but for many different reasons, including reasons for investment capital, construction ground related to many localities, including the lack of determination of all levels, branches and local authorities… so the project took a long time.

Connecting the Southern key economic region

Citing the story of an enterprise when making a comparison between the freight from Cai Mep – Thi Vai port (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) to Tay Ninh, it is more expensive than transporting goods from China to Ho Chi Minh City, the newspaper said. People commented: “The investment in Ring Road 3 is very urgent, it will cause more damage every day. Building Ring Road 3 is to support businesses to compete, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness. of the economy.

Besides, many other benefits brought by the project cannot be quantified, such as: increased land use efficiency; effective in changing social and population structure; effective in politics and administrative management; improve transport capacity; improve living conditions for people in the area…”.

Not only Ho Chi Minh City, all three localities with this route passing through: Dong Nai, Binh Duong, and Long An are also ready, just waiting for the National Assembly to agree to immediately start implementing the project. .

Dedicate resources to build a great project of Ring Road 4 – the Capital region

Similarly, the investment project to build Ring Road 4 – the Capital region cannot be delayed any longer.

Follow Investment newspaperThe determination to build this road soon can be seen in the Government’s proposal to the National Assembly to decide on investment policy.

Building Ring 3 in Ho Chi Minh City and Belt 4 - Capital region: Efforts to break through traffic infrastructure - Photo 2.

Perspective of a section of the Ring Road 4 construction investment project – the Capital region. (Photo: Investment Newspaper)

Ring Road Expectations

According to the newspaper Youth, Ring Road 4 – Hanoi Capital area has been waiting for more than 10 years since the Prime Minister approved the planning. This route, when put into use, will ensure the connection of neighboring localities and Hanoi.

Resolution 15 of the Politburo has set a target that before 2027, the Belt 4 project – the Capital region must be completed, showing that this is an important project of national importance and strategic significance.

The heat of creating breakthroughs in investment strategies in transport infrastructure is also evident in the drastic and quick preparation of investment documents, capital planning and project implementation plans of localities. direction.

Photos of leaders of the Party, State, Government and National Assembly on field trips and surveys on each route in the provinces of the Mekong Delta, the Central region, the Central Highlands, and the Southeast. In particular, for nearly a year, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers have had many business trips to all construction sites, with the goal of strongly promoting large infrastructure projects, showing a determination and drastic action. , effective and focused, to the point.

Breakthrough thinking to have infrastructure breakthrough

In the near future, if the National Assembly considers and approves the investment policy, the projects will meet the expectations of the people and voters of the central and southern provinces. However, the support of the National Assembly deputies is the first step to support the breakthrough investment strategy in infrastructure.

This support will place a large role of ministries, sectors and localities in implementing the project to ensure that it is on schedule, it requires a determination, innovation in thinking, approach. , how to do it, organize the implementation, urge, supervise and check.

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