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Calling his wife “you”, the car repairman received a bitter regret for life

Love is the most beautiful sacred feeling among human emotions, so it requires noble behavior instead of calling you – me.

From the way of addressing to dating or even when blaming anger, it must also have a specific color of love. If we deal with love in a sloppy and uncultured way, no matter how much we love each other, it will perish.

Why is there a lasting love that lasts a lifetime, and a “three seven twenty one day” love that has to be broken up? Some people think it’s fate or luck, but in fact, if it’s true, love is always beautiful at the beginning, only we don’t know how to treat it, so it makes it worse and fades away.

Unlike all other social relationships such as business relationships, people can be so intimate that they call each other “my friend” to each other. Because the purpose of this relationship is work efficiency, not love. As long as the work results are successful, earn a lot of money.

But the purpose of love is different.

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The car repair guy received a sad ending when he used to call his wife “you” (Artwork)

One day when I was away, my car broke down and had to be repaired at a roadside motorbike shop. The man in his 40s, wearing shorts, a porridge-colored shirt, and an aluminum mustache just repaired the car and returned to the house to call out: “Jackfruit, I’ll tell you, what are you doing in there? ?”.

Thought he was calling his children, but it turned out that he called his wife, a wife who belongs to the “thin eyebrow or grain” type. Later, I used to go that route again and became his regular customer. I once joked: “Who calls his wife “you”, is it the same when we first fell in love?”. Seeing him smile, I was able to: “When I first confessed, I also said “I love you”?”. But he thinks the husband has the right to call his wife that.

Unfortunately, next year I passed by, only the curvaceous man was alone in repairing the car, his wife had left with a mistress to the South. Maybe the woman who was called “you” by her husband all year round followed the other lover just because she longed for the sweet “em”.

Some people think that the address is not important as long as it is sincere. But in fact, the relationship between two people of the opposite sex, once having feelings for each other, is always sweet. It has been summed up that, even the men who talk to their wives with the most vulgarity, when flirting with girls, are always sweet “brothers and sisters”.

But addressing is only one aspect. Equality in love in this day and age requires a respectful relationship between two people. That respect is not only expressed in words but also in every gesture, in the way of communication.

It is impossible for a guy who respects his lover to come to an appointment with a week-long unshaven beard or a shirt that has been “worn” for ten days. One might think it’s sloppy, but it shows his true feelings. No one who has ever been eager to go to the rendezvous point, looking forward to every hour and every minute to see each other, can disrespect himself like that, let alone respect his lover.

Even in the way of talking and cuddling. Cultured people never only know how to talk about themselves without listening to other people talk about them, even cutting off their lover’s sentence to say “yes” to their mouth.


Regardless of age, in love, there is always a need for a culture of behavior (Illustration image)

Some people give themselves the right to “own” their partner to the point of doing whatever they want, regardless of whether the other person likes it or not. Remember that love is always a two-way relationship. The more you give, the more you receive, the more you love, the more full your spirit is, love makes them more beautiful and full of life.

The ancient kings had hundreds of beautiful concubines and they were often short-lived. The main reason is not that they “love” too much, but that they just give without receiving the reciprocal energy of the beautiful ladies and that’s why they are exhausted.

Culture in love is also reflected in its sanity. These days there are people who “measure” love by the number of sexual partners. Some people think that love is simply a physical relationship with each other. So today “love” this person, tomorrow “love” another. They change their lovers like changing clothes, leading to a corrupt and depraved lifestyle.

According to Hanoi police, when suddenly coming in to catch the “shakes”, an unbelievable horror, there are couples who are having sex blatantly in front of their accomplices. When love has no culture, the attractive force between a man and a woman loses its eternal beauty, leaving only a sick relationship that brings people to the end of their lives.

In particular, culture is most evident as soon as people begin to express love, often called confession. In the traditional culture of our nation, a son can confess his love by word of mouth or by letter or he is too shy to ask someone else to match him, but his manner is always polite and pompous, it becomes the moments when people remember for a lifetime.

But today, there are people who show a lack of culture from the very beginning. A half-laughing-half-crying girl told a consultant that she was “confessed” by a guy like this: “I was standing with some girlfriends when he stopped on a motorbike a few steps away and called me. I was so embarrassed, but I had to get close to the place, he sat on a motorbike with two legs and asked: “Do you love me? Answer now, say it.” Perhaps from ancient times to the present, even Chi Pheo confessed his love to Thi No more “polite”.

Ignorance not only degrades love, but sometimes causes crazy people to kill people because they are denied love.

It can be said that love is one of the human instincts, everyone is born to fall in love, but the culture in love is not known to everyone. As the society becomes more civilized and the freedom to love flourishes, the more cultural behavior in love needs to be respected. Otherwise, we will no longer see the elegant pomp of this sentiment but only the crude exchange of needs.

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