Cancer cells are “most afraid” of these 7 vegetables

Social development makes us have more conditions to enjoy life and care about a healthy body. However, modern life with computers, phones, polluted air, fast food … is the cause of promoting the incidence of dangerous diseases, especially cancer, is increasing day by day.

The Global Cancer Organization also released statistics in 2018 showing that every year in Vietnam, there are 300,000 patients fighting cancer – one of the countries with the highest rate of patients.

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According to WHO recommendations, each person should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day because this will reduce the risk of cancer by 20%. The common point of green vegetables and fruits is that they contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals, so they can support the immune system and create a defensive barrier.

Here are the top vegetables that cancer cells “fear the most”, fortunately they are all cheap and easy to find.

1. Straw mushroom

Straw mushroom is known as the “first anti-cancer dish”, because in the mushroom contains anti-cancer polysaccharide active ingredient, can promote the production of antibodies, greatly helpful in preventing cancer. especially liver cancer, lymphoma and bowel cancer.

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2. Onions

Statistics show that people who eat onions regularly have a 1/4 lower risk of stomach cancer than those who do not eat onions. Onions are rich in selenium and quercetin, which can resist oxidation and inhibit the process of cell cancer. Moreover, onions also help the body detox and strengthen the resistance.

In addition, onions contain prostaglandins, which can reduce blood lipids and clean our blood vessels. Every night before going to bed, you can drink a bowl of onion broth, so it will have a very good effect on stabilizing blood pressure. Moreover, the quercetin in onions also has a great positive effect in preventing arteriosclerosis.

3. Spinach

Spinach is one of the most popular natural antioxidant foods that help the body fight free radicals and prevent lung cancer.

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4. Grapes

Many people will feel regret not knowing that grapes are really a “treasure” against cancer. A Harvard University study has shown that grape skins contain a lot of biologically active resveratrol. This substance has an effective effect in anti-oxidation, against the invasion of fungi. In particular, thanks to the high content of resveratrol, grape skin can prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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5. Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C can help the body’s immunity, when you have a cold, eating foods rich in vitamin C will help you heal quickly.

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Only when we have strong immune cells will the anti-tumor ability be in the best condition. Asparagus also contains rutin, which has been shown to have certain effects on skin cancer, lymphoma, and bladder cancer.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in carotenes. An epidemiological survey published in the International Journal of Stomatology suggests that from experimental results in animals and preliminary clinical trials, carotene has the potential to prevent oral cancer.

Tomatoes are one of the best sources of vitamin B6. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 can inhibit the formation of cancer cells to a certain extent, help synthesize a number of important enzymes in the human body, and then regulate metabolism. matter.

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In addition to the above nutrients, tomatoes also contain lutein, which protects the eyes, prevents age-related macular degeneration, and is suitable for office workers who often use computers.

7. Papaya

Carpaine – a compound found in papaya is very effective in balancing blood pressure. In addition, carpaine also has strong antitumor activity against lymphocytes and tumor cells. So don’t regret a few thousand to buy papaya for the whole family to eat.

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