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China launches spacecraft, takes 3 astronauts to ‘Tian Cung’

China launched a spacecraft, bringing 3 astronauts to Thien Cung - Photo 1.

Three Chinese astronauts on the Shenzhou 14 mission – Photo: REUTERS

On the morning of June 5, the China Manned Space Administration (CMSA) announced that the Shenzhou 14 spacecraft had brought three Chinese astronauts to the station. Paradise from the Satellite Launch Center in Jiuquan.

The launch took place at 8:54 am and according to CMSA, the health of all three astronauts is stable after Shenzhou 14 entered the designated orbit.

Xinhua said, three astronauts participating in this mission include commander Chen Dong (43 years old) and teammates Liu Yang (43 years old), Cai Xuzhe (46 years old).

Their mission is to build the Tiangong space station within 6 months, and will return to Earth in December by the Shenzhou 15 spacecraft.

According to Xinhua, the trio will work with the ground team to complete the assembly and develop the Tiangong space station into a “space laboratory” of China.

China launched a spacecraft, bringing 3 astronauts to Thien Cung - Photo 2.

Shenzhou 14 ship leaves the launch pad – Photo: REUTERS

“Laboratory” Thien Cung is built based on 3 modules, including 1 central module named Thien Hoa, where 3 astronauts stop and live here. Meanwhile, 2 modules named Went Thien and Mong Thien will be used as laboratories.

Previously, the Thien Hoa module was successfully launched in April 2021, and is expected to form a T-shaped structure when the other two modules are successfully launched.

The two laboratory modules Wentian and Mong Thien will dock in July and October this year, respectively, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The Thien Cung space station will have a service life of at least a decade. During this time, the station will be used to conduct a series of scientific experiments.

“The Shenzhou 14 mission is a pivotal ‘battle’ in the construction phase of China’s space station. However, the mission will likely face many problems and difficulties along the way,” the commander said. mission Chen Dong shares.

China accelerates the Tiangong dream China accelerates the Tiangong dream

TTO – Three astronauts have been put on the core module of the Thien Cung space station. This will be China’s longest manned space mission, bringing with it both scientific and political ambitions.

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