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Desperately ‘seducing her husband into adultery’ to take possession of property

MongoliaTon Thiep wants to have an advantage when dividing assets if he presents to the court with evidence that her husband is having an affair, so he contrives and hires someone to lure her husband into a fall.

At 4:00 p.m. on June 3, 2013, the hospital in Baotou city received a hotline phone call. There was an injured man in a dormitory near Iron and Steel Street. Five minutes later, an ambulance arrived, but the person in the accident was dead. Sun Tiep, the man’s wife, sobbed.

Examining the patient, the doctor discovered many new wounds. He also found that the crying card sounded fake and always avoided his eyes when asking the reason for the incident. Leaving the scene, the medical examiner immediately called the police.

The police arrived at the same time as funeral home staff were preparing to take the person for cremation. As soon as the ambulance left, the family members rushed to cremate it. Therefore, the police noticed something unusual.

The deceased named Trieu Hoc Quang, more than 50 years old, was a millionaire ore trader, quite famous in the locality. The police went to take off the shroud, discovered many injuries, immediately decided to take the body to the forensic room and investigate.

At the scene, there were 3 people including Ton Thiep and young lovers Luu Chan Tuan and Thoi Nham.

Ton Thiep cried while saying that her husband had a heart condition, so he was not careful so he fell from the stairs, his nose bleeding a lot. The blood wipe showed that her husband was unconscious, so he called an ambulance. The police found that the stairs had only one floor, not steep, with handrails, if you fell, it would be difficult to die.

Ton Thiep.  Photo: Toutiao

Ton Thiep. Image: Toutiao

Meanwhile, a girl named Thoi Nham cried even louder than Thiep. The couple did not answer any questions from the police. All three were therefore taken to the station.

According to the results of the autopsy, Quang died of internal bleeding, the wound on his body was caused by external forces, and was beaten with a blunt object. In other words, this is murder.

The police brought this result in front of three people. Tuan quickly admitted that he had accidentally beaten Mr. Quang to death. The scene is Nham’s inn.

Tuan said that Quang relied on his money, went to the motel to rape Nham. Tuan was caught and hit with a stick, unintentionally leading to death.

Nham also burst into tears, saying that because of his job selling insurance, he accepted that he was taken advantage of by Mr. Quang. Accordingly, on June 1, the millionaire mined mine as an excuse to buy insurance and went to Nham’s inn, bringing a bottle of wine and snacks. Entering the house, he found an excuse to force alcohol, when Nham was drunk, he raped him. Right at this time, Tuan came back to see him, angry with a stick, and accidentally hit his hand again. Then Tuan also presented a confession paper and recording of Mr. Quang’s guilty plea.

Investigating the Card, the police discovered their marriage was not happy. In 2011, when registering for marriage, Thiep was only 26 years old, and Quang was 51 years old. Having been married for less than a year, Thiep left her mother’s house and said she was preparing for a divorce.

At first, Mr. Quang treated him very well, but after getting married, his attitude was different. Every time he returned, he did nothing but waited for “servant”.

Card used to look at her husband’s phone, see text messages with other women with very shady words. When his wife asked, Mr. Quang got angry and tortured. Now, in Thiep’s phone, there are still photos of his injuries.

On June 2, Thiep received a phone call from her husband, but the voice was a stranger, saying that her husband raped his girlfriend. This person asked Tiep to come to the scene to solve it. Quang was originally eager, Tiep was not surprised to hear that, and immediately went over.

When she got there, she found her husband tied up, next to a young man who seemed to be aggressive and the girl was crying. Quang admitted to raping but did not want to go to jail, intending to pay one million yuan as compensation.

Because all of Quang’s assets, including the company, were given to his ex-wife, so he asked Thiep to advance one million yuan. Card heard that angry, grabbed a rubber stick next to her husband beat her repeatedly, unexpectedly the next afternoon, Quang stopped breathing.

The card was scared, and Tuan and Nham made up the story that Quang fell to his death to avoid responsibility. Unexpectedly, before he had time to go to cremation, the police came to the place, Card presented to the investigation agency.

Luu Chan Tuan.  Photo: Toutiao

Luu Chan Tuan. Image: Toutiao

Before closing the case file, the police made a new discovery. The clock on Nham’s bedroom wall was hollowed out at number 6, fitted with a hidden camera. In addition, the police found a laptop in the drawer of the bed. This is Quang’s computer, inside there are many photos of him and his family. The content from the hidden camera was hidden in a very mysterious folder, the scene where he had sex with Nham.

Police believe that Quang took this video to control Nham and force him to continue having sex with him. However, the computer is hidden in the bed drawer, what is the purpose of hiding?

Cui Nham cried and said he didn’t want others to know about the rape, so he hid it. But this is the first time Quang comes to the room, and before that, he didn’t have the opportunity to install a hidden camera.

The police continued to interrogate, and finally the lovers had to admit that they had set up a trap to blackmail Quang.

According to the plan, Nham pretended to be a weak female student to approach Quang, when he felt that he was about to “take a bite”, he installed a hidden camera in the motel room and tricked him. Nham pretended to be drunk, seduced Quang so that Tuan caught him and forced him to write papers, forcing his wife to bring money to pay. Unexpectedly, when he learned that Quang gave his ex-wife all of his assets, Thiep got angry and beat him to death.

It seemed that the truth of the case was clear, but the truth was not. In Thiep’s phone, Tuan’s number is stored. On the evening of June 1, Thiep sent a message to Tuan: “Everything went according to plan, just say he raped, remember to save the video”. Only now did the police discover that the mastermind was Thiep.

According to the testimony, when Thiep wanted a divorce, Quang agreed, on the condition that she had to leave empty-handed. The card refused, wanted to use the excuse of her husband’s adultery to be able to claim compensation and divide the property. But the lawyer reminds her, there must be evidence or the court will not care.

Cui Nham.  Photo: Toutiao

Cui Nham. Image: Toutiao

To have this proof, in March 2013, Thiep went to find Tuan, a computer salesman, knowledgeable about technology. A daily salary card of 200 yuan hired Tuan to track Quang to find evidence of adultery but to no avail. In contrast, Thiep and Tuan fell in love. They have since staged a plan to put Quang in a trap.

Tuan went to the foot massage parlor to hire an employee named Nham, the next table contacted and seduced Quang. On June 1, Nham invited Quang to the inn, pretended to be drunk and seduce Quang so that Tuan could catch him and ask for money.

When Quang called his wife to ask for money, Tiep made a condition to divide the property upon divorce. Quang accepted, but wrote the commitment very slowly, writing a few dozen times still made Thiep want to boil blood, using a stick to beat Quang continuously. This process lasted for 44 hours, from the evening of April 1 to the afternoon of June 3, until Quang stopped breathing.

The three of them agreed to lie around to avoid crime. As long as the police believe any version of the lie, this case can be closed. The heaviest crime that three people can be prosecuted for is just unintentional killing. Unexpectedly, the police found out Thiep’s relationship with Tuan, causing all three to confess.

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