E-commerce boom, product review profession is on the throne

E-commerce boomed, product review profession ascended the throne - Photo 1.

Photo: Call Me Duy is preparing for the exam

Digital transformation and a boost to the birth of new jobs

According to the “e-Conomy SEA 2021” report jointly published by Google Corporation, Bain (USA) and Temasek (Singapore), Vietnam’s internet economy is expected to reach $57 billion by 2025, ranking second in the region. Southeast Asia (growth rate of about 29% a year).

According to World Bank calculations, the number of new jobs created by digital transformation will be 7 times more than the number of jobs lost. By 2045, an estimated 10 million new jobs will be created, mainly in modern services, and a smaller number of new jobs in the manufacturing sector.

The development of technology, especially the explosion of social networks and the significant increase in online shopping habits of consumers has created the premise for a new industry to appear – KOC.

KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) are influential consumers in the market. All their shopping, selection, experience, product evaluation is not dependent on any media channel or any company. KOC will actively choose products and brands and give the most honest reviews, without having to follow a script available from the brand.

In Vietnam, e-commerce floors are no longer strange to consumers. The convenience from placing an order to having the item in hand is an enjoyable shopping experience for customers. Moreover, the products are extremely diverse, scientific division of goods and classification according to prestige has saved buyers a lot of time. In particular, customers are quite delighted with honest reviews of products and suppliers, which is a turning point in a new shopping experience.

At a recent Lazada report on the Vietnamese market, this online retailer also said that content for creative users will become more “powerful” than ever in the future. Accordingly, in addition to sales through livestream (live streaming), the form of reviews, short videos of product reviews on social networking sites will be increasingly popular.

Can KOC become a full-fledged profession?

With the advantage of a very developing online shopping market, e-commerce platforms have become the main shopping channel and almost every consumer’s spending decision is largely based on reviews and reviews of people. ahead”. As a result, KOC has become a lucrative business in the world.

On the basis of capturing the attraction from the KOC generation in the online shopping era, VCCorp and co-organizer Lazada Vietnam organized the reality show KOC VIETNAM 2022 – a contest to search, honor, train and supporting the first generation of professional KOCs in Vietnam in the 4.0 era.

With KOC VIETNAM 2022, VCCorp wants to promote KOC into a full-fledged profession. Because Vietnam is a country with a labor force in the “golden age”, ensuring jobs and enhancing skills for workers in the context of digital transformation is one of the important goals for the country. each country, especially for a developing country with a large labor force like Vietnam.

In a broader perspective, the program will also make an important contribution to the digital transformation process of the economy, step by step closer to the goal set by the Prime Minister in the Program to support market development. In particular, the Government has set a target that the index of workers with specialized knowledge in the Global Innovation Index (GII) will be in the top 60 countries by 2025 and the top 55 countries in the year 2030; the rate of workers with information technology skills will reach 90% by 2030.

For the first time appearing in Vietnam, the reality show KOC VIETNAM 2022 will provide a playground to find, honor, train and support those who are passionate about shopping, love creativity, thereby creating a generation of professional KOCs.

E-commerce boomed, product review profession ascended the throne - Photo 2.

Photo: KOC receives the attention of many big brands. Vietjet Air’s representative is commenting on the contestants’ exams

Not only providing opportunities for candidates, the program is also an effective solution for business enterprises that use online channels and are in the process of overall digital transformation. Accordingly, KOC will help grow the business by positioning it as a consumer-oriented brand. With the connection by KOC’s experience, consumers will have more confidence in the company’s products.

Each contestant coming out of the show will become the voice of smart and influential shoppers; affirming that the creativity and enthusiasm of Vietnamese young people are not inferior but can also reach out to the region.

It can be seen that KOC is a new profession and needs a benchmarking unit to create a driving force for sustainable and long-term development, bringing true values ​​to the community, society and the economy, avoiding distortions and changes. minimize adverse effects for the future.

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