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Go to the first area to check-in Rainfall waterfall

In the middle of the majestic mountains in the “first famous tea” region of Thai Nguyen, from the top of the limestone mountain appears a magical waterfall that people give a familiar name “Rain Falling Waterfall”.

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Photo: Nguyen Khai Trung

Rainfall Waterfall, also known as Nam Rut waterfall, belongs to Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district, far from the city center. Thai Nguyen about 35km.

The reason for the name Rainfall waterfall is because on sunny days, only one waterfall is active, but on rainy days, a series of small waterfalls intertwine with large waterfalls, pouring from a high altitude. 50m down Than Sa River, bumping into the rock gap, looks like tiny raindrops from afar.

The waterfall has a fanciful feature by the interweaving of many large waterfalls and countless small waterfalls spewing from the interstitial rocks like a shower.

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The beauty of the falls in the days after the rain. Photo: Thought Coca

From far away, 80 meters from the waterfall, you can hear the sound of water pouring from the cliff like a shower, mixing with the echoes of the cliffs, like a song of the mountains and forests of Thai Nguyen.

To admire this beautiful scene, visitors following the road from La Hien to Than Sa archaeological tourist area will immediately see Rainfall waterfall right on the side of the road. In the days after the rain, the sunlight shining down on the waterfall is refracted into countless brilliant rainbow bands, illuminating the cliffs, trees and water surface, creating a scene that is both wild and beautiful.

The most suitable time to go to Rainfall waterfall is in the summer. In the midst of hot weather in the North, just stepping into Than Sa mountains and forests, visitors seem to be breathing a sigh of relief by the coolness of the mountains and forests, the airy air dispels the heat immediately.

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This is an attractive check-in place for young people. Photo: Tran Linh Nga

About 700m from the waterfall is Nam Rut village, mainly inhabited by Mong ethnic people. Visiting any house in the village, visitors will be warmly welcomed by the host with delicious dishes only available in Nam Rut village: corn wine, men men, boiled corn, mustard greens, etc. enjoy the cups of tea picked from the ancient tea tree, to understand why Thai Nguyen is called the “first name tea”.

After eating the meals at home of the villagers, visitors can continue the journey to discover Than Sa archaeological site, about 5km from the waterfall. Here, archaeologists have discovered many relics and artifacts that prove the existence of ancient people as well as the development of mankind.

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Photo: Google Maps

The North has begun to enter the summer with the scorching heat and sudden transient showers, this is a great time to explore the Rainfall waterfall.

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