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How to rewrite sentences in English test

Master Dinh Thi Thai Ha, English teacher, Luong Son High School, Hoa Binh, guide to choose answers with given sentences.

In the English high school graduation reference exam, Question 31, Question 32, Question 33 belongs to the type of question that chooses answers A, B, C, D so that the sentence is closest in meaning to the given sentence.

Question 31: Choose a sentence containing the modal verb corresponding to the adjective or verb in the original sentence.

We have a few suggestions:

1. Perhaps => may7. Possible => can, may
2. Necessary => must, have to8. Impossible => can’t, may not, might not
3. Not necessary, unnecessary => needn’t9. Obligated, obligation => have to
4. Required, force => have to10. Not have to => needn’t
5. Not allowed => musn’t11. Important => must, have to
6. Compulsory => must

For example: Perhaps he will come to school late.

A. He must get to the meeting on time.

B. He should get to the meeting on time.

C. He needn’t get to the meeting on time.

D. He may not get to the meeting on time.

Answer: EASY

Exercise: Choose the answer A, B, C, D so that the sentence is close in meaning to the given sentence for the following questions:

Question 32: Indirect sentences

Some notes when choosing answers:

– The answer that changes the most compared to the direct sentence is the correct answer.

– Eliminate answers that have the same subject as the direct sentence.

– The verb must be conjugated in the past (could, would, might).

– Yes that, there.

For example: “I can do this exercise,” said Mark.

A. Mark said that I could do that exercise.

B. Mark said that he can’t do that exercise.

C. Mark said that I can’t do that exercise.

D. Mark said that he could do that exercise.

Answer: EASY


Question 33: Rewrite the sentences of the past tense with the present perfect

Based on the following equal grammatical structure: The last time S Vp1… ago = WILL haven’t/hasn’t Vp2 for…

For example: The last time Susan met me was 2 hours ago.

A. Susan has met me for 2 hours ago.

B. Susan met me 2 hours ago.

C. Susan hasn’t met me for 2 days.

D. Susan hasn’t met me 2 hours ago.



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