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I’m on the other side of the river, you’re on this side of the river / I’m chasing around, can’t catch you, what is it?

After hours of stressful study and work, instead of “putting our face” on the phone, why don’t we try to relax with a puzzle game. This game both helps to refresh the spirit and helps us expand our understanding and improve our thinking ability. People who often play puzzles are very smart, quick, and flexible.

If you don’t know where to find the quizzes, you can refer to the program Fast like lightning – a place that synthesizes many different types of puzzles such as: Quiz tips, word puzzles, knowledge quizzes, folk quizzes,… is a TV game produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television and Dong Tay Promotion Company, copyrighted from Thailand.

In round 2, episode 26, the program gave a brain “hack” question with the following content:

“You’re on the other side of the river, I’m on this side of the river

I chased around, couldn’t catch you, what’s the puzzle?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

After a while “rubbing his head and scratching his head”, the player still has not given the correct answer. Don’t understand what objects have such an interesting simile? This is a unique trivia quiz. Therefore, to solve the puzzle, players need to have extensive knowledge along with a rich imagination.

If you do not have the answer, you can refer to the program’s answer: GRILLER.

The crank part of the mortar has 2 points, 2 opposite ends. When we rotate to separate the husk layer, accidentally the 2 ends will “run” around and never touch each other.

The rice mill is also known as the rice mill. This is a farmer’s tool used to peel the grain of rice and separate the husk from the grain. The rice mill has two main parts, the upper and lower cutting boards.

The lower cutting board is fixed and in the middle there is always a pin about three inches long (often called a gong), 3 centimeters in diameter, used to make a rotating shaft for the upper cutting board. The shells of both cutting boards are made of bamboo, the same diameter, about 40 – 50cm and the upper cutting board is usually twice as tall as the lower one.

Vietnamese quiz:

The rice mill is a farmer’s tool.

Midway down the upper cutting board, there is a crossbar with two ends sticking out, each side has a round hole punched to put the mill in. This wooden bar both helps the wheel to be stable and also acts as a handwheel when the rice miller pushes and pulls the mill brace.

The intestines of the two cutting boards are filled with clay, which is pounded by wood chips. When the rice is put on the upper cutting board, rotate the mill brace, the rice will be crushed by the wooden teeth of the mill, then poured down the bottom of the cutting board, yielding brown rice and husk. Then, people bring them to pound, floor, forming fragrant white rice grains.

The rice mill is made of simple materials including: Bamboo, wood, clay. Bamboo slats for knitting the bark of the cutting boards are old bamboo, termites do not eat, only the kidney part. Wood for making wood chips to make mortar must be precious and hard-to-wear wood. The clay to hit the cutting board is a flexible soil to avoid cracking and damage.

In the old days, the rice mill was often placed in the corner of the main house or horizontal house, surrounded by accompanying items such as mortar, pestle, sieve, etc. The rice mill has become a symbol of satiety in the house. .

Today, rice mills are rarely used because they have been replaced by industrial grinders with higher efficiency. However, the manual mill with the spinning brace has become an image imprinted in the memory of each of us. lagi-gioi-tu-duy-lam-moi-ng-y-ra-dap-an-20220603172032135.chn

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