In 4 Vu Tien Long scored the match U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea

The fan girl association must be very sad because Vu Tien Long is already a “potted flower”.

On the evening of June 5, U23 Vietnam has the 2nd match in the final round of U23 Asia. The opponent this time the gold star warriors have to face is the Korean U23.

Meeting an opponent that is rated higher than that, the red shirt strikers went to the field to compete with extremely high determination. Both teams are constantly fighting for the ball in the hope of finding a goal.

Printed 4 handsome boys scored U23 Korea: Born in 2002, married and children-1

After letting his team lead by one goal, in the 83rd minute, Phan Tuan Tai with a deep cross eliminated all of the Korean U23 defense so Vu Tien Long shot up and shot like a man without goalkeeper Dong Min. Goh a save chance.

At the end of the match, both teams tied with a score of 1 – 1.

Here a part of the ball fans are very curious about striker Vu Tien Long. According to research, Mr. SN 2002, is playing as a central defender for the Hanoi club in V.League 1 and the U23 team in Vietnam.

At the age of 10, Vu Tien Long joined the youth training system of Viettel. At the age of 13, Tien Long joined the training academy of Hanoi Club.

Before that, he was also selected by Mr. Park to play the main kick in the final match of U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31. At that time, 10X performed very well when he was on the field.

Printed 4 handsome boys scored U23 Korea: Born in 2002, married and children-2
Printed 4 handsome boys who scored U23 Korea: Born in 2002, married and children-3

Regarding his personal life, he is one of the few Vietnamese U23 players who are married and have children. Diem Quynh’s wife. They publicly dated in 2020 and welcomed their first child earlier this year.

Diem Quynh is the same age as her husband, has a hot body and diverse fashion sense. On the personal page, the two are not afraid to give compliments to each other. The WAGs have also played many times to support her husband in important matches.

Starting lineup:

U23 Vietnam: Van Chuan, Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Duy Cuong, Van Do, Hoang Anh, Van Truong, Van Khang, Tien Long Manh Dung.

South Korea U23: Goh Dong Min, Kim Ju Sung, Kim Tae Hwan, Lee Sang Min, Choi Jun, Lee Kang In, Jeong Sang Bin, Hong Hyun Seok, Eom Ji Sung, Goh Young Jun, Oh Se Hun.

According to Vietnamnet

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