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Interesting destinations in Chu Mom Ray National Park-Tourism

Sunday, June 5, 2022 12:01 PM (GMT+7)

Seven-storey waterfall; the peak of Spike Mountain; Dak Kan dipterocarp forest ecosystem; Ya Book grassland and zoo are interesting destinations in Chu Mom Ray National Park.

Interesting destinations in Chu Mom Ray National Park - 1

Seven-tiered waterfall

Located on Ya Tri stream (Mo Rai commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province), 25km from Sa Thay town, Seven-tiered waterfall consists of 7 cascades with poetic and unspoiled beauty in the middle of Chu Mom Ray National Park. To reach the Seven-storey waterfall, visitors will have to pass two small waterfalls downstream of the Seven-storey waterfall with many beautiful forests, large trees… Near the foot of the waterfall there is a small lake, visitors can relax. Swimming roof enjoying the cool water.

Pointy Mountain Peak

The peak of Nhan Mountain is 1,400m high, located at the location of Sub-Area 579 and to the west of Chu Mom Ray peak, in the area of ​​Ro Koi commune (Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province). As the name suggests, Spike Mountain has a triangular top, and the slopes often have variable clouds, creating an interesting image. The dangerous and steep way to the Spike Mountain will be an interesting challenge for visitors.

To reach the top, visitors will have to climb about 5-6 hours. From here, visitors can observe the animal fields – where the animals gather to feed, or the panorama of Ro Koi commune, the forests and the 14C road from Ngoc Hoi to Mo Rai commune.

In addition, from Nhan Mountain, visitors can visit the dipterocarp forest ecosystem, the mausoleum forest, the historical sites of Front B3 (Central Highlands Front) and other destinations such as Seven-tiered waterfall and hot springs. Ia Mang.

Dak Kan dipterocarp forest ecosystem

Located 8km from the center of Ngoc Hoi district, along Highway 14C, the dipterocarp forest ecosystem is a type of dry season deciduous forest typical for the main vegetation of the Central Highlands. The dipterocarp forest covers an area of ​​150ha, with flat grasslands that are the habitat of white storks.

In the dipterocarp forest, there is also a lake of more than 1,000 square meters, which can become an outdoor camping spot for tourists who love to explore nature. This is the product travel potential ecology of Chu Mom Ray National Park.

Interesting destinations in Chu Mom Ray National Park - 3

Meadow and Zoo Ya Book

Located at plot 7, Sub-Area 592, Ya Book Zoo is 1km west of Ya Book Forest Protection Station, stretching over an area of ​​10km. Ya Lan stream flows through the grasslands in the Ya Book zoo area, so this area is often wet, muddy, plants grow all year round and is the habitat of ungulates (deer, cows, etc.) forest, gaur…).

The zoo is an attractive place to observe and study the fauna of the forest, especially in the dry season when the animals gather here. Ya Book grassland and zoo is an attractive eco-tourism destination.

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