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Korean users report Google CEO to the police

The Union for Consumer Sovereignty (CUCS) said it had denounced Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google Korea CEO Nancy Mable Walker and Google Asia-Pacific President Scott Beaumont to the Gangnam police for violating the Code of Ethics. Telecommunications Business Law.

Korean users report Google CEO to the police - Photo 1.

A member of the CUCS organization in front of the Gangnam Police Station on June 3. (Photo: Yonhap)

Google began applying a controversial payment policy in Korea from June 1, removing apps from the Google Play Store if the developer instructs users to access an external payment system where they are not charged. take 30% commission to Google.
According to an organization representative, Google’s enforcement of in-app payments increases costs, burdens users and hurts creators. App developers have no choice but to accept requests from Google, which has a 74.6% share of the app market.

Although South Korea’s National Assembly passed a law in 2021 to block Google’s in-app payments policy, the US company circumvented the law by providing alternative payment options through its system. Google forces developers to either use their own payment system (30% commission loss) or alternative payment options (26% commission loss).

People’s Power Party Representative Kim Yeung Shik’s office estimates that Korean app users will have to pay an additional 230 billion won a year due to Google’s policy.

CUCS intends to report Google to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is investigating Google’s alleged violations of the Fair Trade Act based on an April lawsuit filed by the Korea Publishers Association. If the FTC considers Google’s policies illegal, it can impose penalties on Google.

Last month, responding to reporters, the Korea Communications Commission said it had begun investigating Google and the in-app payment system that may be illegal. Lawmakers and content creators are increasingly critical of Google. Representative Cho Seung Rae of the Democratic Party commented, “Google’s insatiable greed threatens the mobile content ecosystem.” He alluded to his ability to link up with other legislators, regulators and NGOs in the US, Europe and developed countries.

Meanwhile, animators are concerned about the collapse of the Korean online animation industry. The Korea Comics Association said in a statement, “Naver and Kakao have begun to increase subscription fees. This will reduce the author’s income.”

Despite strong opposition, Google has not changed its stance on in-app payments.

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