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Literature exam at the School of Natural Sciences

The exam consists of two parts, with the elective question analyzing the poem “Fishing boat” or the character in the short story “Silently Sa Pa” accounting for half of the score.

Literature exam at the School of Natural Sciences

Literature exam at the School of Natural Sciences - 1

On June 5, 2,893 candidates took the entrance exam to 10th grade, High School for Gifted Students of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University. In the morning, the students took the Literature exam and the afternoon Math test (round 1) in 120 minutes. The next day, 6/6, candidates took the exam in specialized subjects including Math (round 2) and Biology; Physics and Chemistry afternoon 150 minutes.

The exam is built in the form of essays for Mathematics (round 1) and specialized subjects; Multiple-choice combined with essay for Literature subject. The test scores are calculated on a scale of 10. The score for admission to specialized classes is the total score of the Math test (round 1), coefficient 1 and the score on the specialized exam, coefficient 2.

High School for the Gifted of Natural Sciences this year recruiting 540 targets. The representative of the school said that the total number of candidates registered for class 10 was 2,893, of which the math major was the largest with 822 records. Among the five specialized and specialized math classes, the highest ratio is 1/9.1, and the lowest is Sinh 1/4,5. The school has now completed the direct recruitment, with 50 students being admitted out of a total of 82 applications.

Exam results will be announced by June 25.


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