Married couple: High-handed wife handles her husband’s rainy sister

Appearing in the show “The couple” episode 457, the couple Anh Tuan – Quynh Trang bring to the audience an interesting love story.

Nguyen Anh Tuan (36 years old) is quite famous in the field of media entertainment appeared with a young wife 10 years younger than Truong Quynh Trang. Despite the age difference, the couple has a fairly harmonious marriage.

Quynh Trang and Anh Tuan had the opportunity to meet each other at work. Quynh Trang’s company needed to find a marketing expert, this opportunity was given to Anh Tuan.

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When we first met, Trang was impressed by Tuan because of his intelligence and experience as a professional. Talking with this man, Quynh Trang felt more serious and experienced in him.

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As a person working in the entertainment industry, Anh Tuan met and had the opportunity to interact with many beautiful people. He also admits that there are many girls chasing him. However, when he met Quynh Trang, he realized that she was very different from other girls.

“My wife has a difference from all other girls. I have met a lot of people, they used many different tricks to conquer me. I am a person who specializes in strategies and handling those things. To win, I must be the most sincere.”Anh Tuan shared.

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Before meeting Quynh Trang, Anh Tuan never thought of getting married, even intending to become a monk and raise his grandchildren. But it was Quynh Trang who made him change his mind because she took care of him and worried about his parents and grandchildren.

Knowing that her husband has many relationships, there are many women around, so since love With each other, Trang has trained herself not to be jealous. There are many girls who “tease” Trang because they like Anh Tuan, but she especially doesn’t pay attention.

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“Once, when my husband and I (then a lover) were at home, a girl who liked Tuan very much came over to play. This girl rushed into the house to hug and kiss Mr. Tuan, but at that time I felt very normal. I didn’t even get jealous, but went into the house to wash the dishes, clean up, anyone can do whatever they want.” Quynh Trang said.

Mr. Tuan also said that he doesn’t like girls who are too active and free to be the winner. Quynh Trang’s sincerity thus won his heart.

After more than 4 years of living together, the two have a young son. Quynh Trang said that her husband has a bad habit, every night he sings um at home, at noon he goes around the corridor to sing. Fortunately, everyone in the apartment was quite comfortable and liked, so no one complained.

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Talking about his wife, Anh Tuan only advised Quynh Trang to be less nagging and limit saying negative words. He did not forget to give his wife praise, saying that Quynh Trang is quite comfortable, respecting her husband’s profession and relationships.

Even the fact that he was sent a message by his “rain sister” to his wife saying that he went to receive guests was not healthy, Quynh Trang also reacted very civilly.

She considers it a normal thing, her husband’s job. The next day, she told her husband to look at the other “sister”. Because of that behavior, Anh Quan always respects his wife.

The current life of Quynh Trang and Anh Tuan is extremely fun and happy. Trang also hopes that the couple will always love, support and respect each other so that life is always full.

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