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Martial arts masters in “Thien Long Bat Bo”, who can defeat Kieu Phong?

Thien Long Bat Bo is a famous swordplay novel by writer Kim Dung. In this work of more than 2 million words, writer Kim Dung has portrayed extremely clearly the martial arts masters in the Gypsy. In particular, the starting point of martial arts masters in Thien Long Bat Bo is relatively high. In addition to the hidden masters, the 10 strongest known masters all reached the highest level of martial arts, extraordinary internal gong.

Talking about internal affairs, I am afraid that fans of the character Kieu Phong will feel disappointed. Because in the ranking of 10 martial arts masters with profound internal skills, Kieu Phong can only be at the bottom of the list. So who are these people?

Where does Kieu Phong rank in the martial arts rankings?

The leader of this ranking is none other than Anonymous god. This character has no name, the name Anonymous monk is just a nickname for him by fans of swordplay. This mysterious figure is introduced as a monk who works as a sweeper in the scriptures of Shaolin. He has an ordinary appearance that hides the incalculable depth of his inner work.

Martial arts masters in

The image of 3 characters Kieu Phong, Hu Truc and Doan Du in the film. (Photo: Baidu)

This is shown in the descriptions that he received 2 full-fledged moves of Murong Fu and Kieu Phong within a short distance without any problems. Even, he only needed a single move to kill two famous gangsters, Murong Bo and Tieu Vien Son.

At the time in Thien Long Tu, Doan Du once fought with Dai Luan Minh Vuong, his internal gong was higher than this one, then Doan Du again sucked the internal energy of Minh Vuong, so it can be seen that his internal gong has improved. become twice as Minh Vuong. After that, Doan Du continued to absorb the internal energy of Cuu Ma Tri and many others, so it is not too much to say that Duan Du’s strength has reached over 100 years. As for Xu Truc, after receiving the gong from Tieu Dao Tam Lao, he also gained 200 years of gong.

The character ranked 4th and 5th in this ranking is the great demon Thien Son Dong Lao and her sister, Ly Thu Thuy. According to Kim Dung’s description, Thien Son Dong Lao’s martial arts has reached the state of killing the enemy without using the second move. Next to her is sister Ly Thu Thuy, who inherited the martial arts. such as Quy Tuc Cong, Yuan Yin Master Soul Dafa and Xiao Wu Xiang Gong. And with each martial art, Ly Thu Thuy trained to the realm of demonic-incarnation.

Ranked 6th is Vo Nhai Tu, a character who only appeared in Thien Long Bat Bo for a very short time but left a deep impression on the reader. Vo Nhat Tu was a disciple of Tieu Dao Tu, the ancestor of the Tieu Dao sect. He was taught martial arts by his master, Bac Minh Than Cong, and held the position of head of the sect.

Although his martial arts story is not described much, but through the details of Vo Nhai Tu imparting 70 years of internal strength to Hu Truc, this little monk became a master of martial arts overnight, which is enough for us to imagine the depth of his life. his posterity.

If in the novel, Kim Dung describes Kieu Phong who is famous throughout the Central Highlands, then a few decades ago his father, Tieu Vien Son, was a first master of Khiet Dan. He alone defeated 8 great masters of the Six Great Sects, then hugged his wife and son and jumped into the cliff to commit suicide.

Referring to martial arts predecessors who are masters, it is impossible not to mention Murong Bo, the father of Murong Fu. He is known as a martial arts genius with martial arts skills. Grandmaster Hoang My once said that in his adult years, Murong Bo stood at the pinnacle of martial arts. Therefore, it is not too much to give 7th and 8th place to these 2 seniors.

The next character is Cuu Ma Tri, the national teacher of the prosperous country. Cuu Ma Tri is an old monk with an obsession with martial arts, a desire to become the strongest martial artist in the world. He mastered the technique of Tho Phien’s Fire Flame Knife, Xiao Wu Xiang Gong of the Tieu Dao sect, and Shaolin Seven Twelve Xuan Gong. But Cuu Ma Tri was the one who practiced the Little Formless Gong to achieve the highest achievement. At Shaolin Temple, Cuu Ma Tri used Nhat Duong Chi to defeat the masters of Dali and used Tieu Vo General Cong to move Thien Hoa Chi, Kim Cang Chuong, and Ban Nguyet Palm to defeat the Shaolin monks.

Although the above masters have more profound internal skills than Kieu Phong, in terms of combat strength, many of them cannot match this character. Kieu Phong once defeated Dinh Xuan Thu, in a few rounds defeated Doan Dien Khanh, defeated Cuu Ma Tri or killed the heroes at Tu Hien Trang. Even at the Shaolin temple, Kieu Phong broke 2 ribs of the monk Vo Danh, causing him to cough up blood. From here, it can be summed up that, in the Thien Long Bat Bo, Kieu Phong is only ranked 10th in terms of internal skills, but in terms of combat strength, this character is only ranked after the godless monk.

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