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Modern design townhouse with space filled with blue sky

The townhouse has a simple design but has an interesting living space and lots of cool green trees. In addition to the utility, the architect is very interested in the quality of life and the source of positive vitality, renewable energy for the homeowner.

The townhouse in Cam Le, Da Nang, just completed at the end of 2021, has a simple design, square shape and elegant white paint.

The total usable area of ​​the house is about 290m2. Land area 5.5x20m. The house is arranged functionally including: Garage, living room + kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, worship room, drying yard, terrace.

A special feature of this project is that it has dense green coverage, forming a dust filter and air filter for the interior spaces. The eye-catching green color makes the outside landscape more prominent.

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The house is located on a corner lot, so it has 2 open sides, many cool windows.

Green trees surround the house, creating a fresh and pleasant landscape.

A townhouse project with the full sound of nature.

The path on the side of the house grows ornamental bananas, creating shade and an ideal chill angle.

Living room with round glass windows overlooking rows of bananas has a sharp, beautiful landscape, like a landscape painting.

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Interior The living room is simple and light, without going into details or arranging cumbersome decorations.
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The stairs separate the living room and the kitchen, creating a separate space.
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Under the stairs, there is a washing machine and a storage cabinet design, increasing the usable area, making the kitchen more tidy.
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The baby’s room has a cute pink and white cabinet and a cool balcony.
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The parents’ master bedroom is larger, using gray and deep brown colors.

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Baby bedroom with fun colors. The area is not too large, making the baby panic when sleeping alone, but just enough for the baby to have space to run, jump and play.
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Skylights bring wind and fresh air evenly throughout the house.

28 nha pho 52029 nha pho 521

The house is neat, with lots of light and wind, which greatly affects the emotions of the owner. Because as soon as they step home, the long, tired, and busy bags outside will be shaken off.

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