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My wife suddenly asked me to have sex often

Because of my strange behavior, I thought a lot about whether my wife would betray me?

I am 34 years old, my wife is 30 years old, and I have a four year old daughter. Wife has been working for the company for almost a year. In the office, there is only one wife and one woman, the rest are all men. Recently, my wife kept telling me funny stories about the company, but when she got home, she couldn’t come home like that, and she said I didn’t care about her. Wife often comes home late, eats with the company. She is also especially good at talking about a man in the company and seems to be very close to him. According to his wife, this man was married. I don’t know how close the two are, but this person even told my wife about their sexual incompatibility. Once, the two even went out to eat together. My wife repeatedly asked me: “What if someone likes me?” I was so angry that I punched the wall, telling my wife to disrespect me and not consider me as a husband.

I see myself as not a romantic person, caring for my wife, but not to the point of neglecting my wife and children. I went to work from morning, many days until 9:30 at night, I was tired, so I did not pay attention and asked my wife. I affirm that I have not neglected my wife and children, every night I have free time to take my wife and children out. Our sex is also regular, every time is fine. As for the family, my wife lives with my whole family including my parents, husband and wife. She serves but doesn’t have to touch anything. Everything was taken care of by my mother and father. Even, my mother also feeds him, when his wife comes home from work at night, she only needs to drink milk and go to bed. Married for five years, the number of times she cooks and irons clothes counts on her fingers.

>> My wife challenges me to give evidence when I suspect her of an affair

Recently, his wife has been acting very strange, actively asking for sex and more often, almost every day. Last night, while lying in bed, my wife said, “I said, are you mad at me?” After that, I kept asking my wife and saying: “What if I like someone” and then: “Please keep me”. My wife also confirmed that nothing and did not betray me. I left disappointed, my wife insisted on pulling into the room and demanding closeness and I complied.

If she wants to have an affair, why tell me everything? Surely the wife is still rational and has not done anything beyond the limit, thinking about her husband and children. The thought of my wife having an affair still lingers in my mind. What should I do to take care of my wife as she wants? What to do when the wife still goes to work every day and sees that person? The most important thing to me now is my daughter, I want a happy family for her.


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