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Necessary car equipment that new drivers should buy

HUD screen

Necessary car equipment that new drivers should buy

This is an item that is gradually gaining popularity recently. The parameters will be displayed on the windshield such as speed, engine rpm, water tank temperature… Therefore, the driver does not need to look at the dashboard behind the steering wheel, distracting and affecting the driver. vehicle control while operating.

Camera and reverse sensor

These are two essential pieces of equipment for new drivers. Different from driving forward, reverse is a huge difference and it takes a lot of experience to drive confidently into tight parking lots.

In order to reverse well, the driver also needs to have a good enough sense of space to be able to imagine the direction the rear of the car will move when hitting the steering wheel. Therefore, if there is a reversing camera along with a reverse sensor, it will be easier for new drivers to align the rear of the car.

Camera journey

The device is very common today on every car. In traffic situations, dashcams have repeatedly rescued and vindicated many drivers, especially when unexpected accidents occur due to third-party errors.

Currently, some dash cams also integrate GPS navigation systems, which is very useful for new drivers when driving to a strange place while having to strain their eyes to find the way and look at the map.

Car side camera

When moving on narrow roads, small alleys, or moving through a forest of cars during rush hour, most new drivers are often very stressed.

At this time, if there is a camera on the side of the car, it will make it easier for the new driver to handle. In addition, in side-by-side situations, the new driver puts the car close to the curb, avoiding unnecessary violations.

Anti-blind spot mirror

This mirror will usually be mounted on the outside corner of the rearview mirror, helping to expand the view for new drivers when preparing to change lanes or change direction. If the side camera helps to see ahead, the anti-blind-spot mirror will direct the view to the side of the car more.

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