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Ngo My Hanh lives privately with her businessman husband after 15 years of retirement

15 years since deciding to retire, Ngo My Hanh is satisfied with a secretive and fulfilling life with her businessman husband and 2 small children.

On his personal page, actor Trinh Du Linh has just shared a photo with a group of friends celebrating Ngo My Hanh’s birthday. The actress welcomed her age with close friends including veteran actors such as: Luu Hieu Dong, Co Ky Quan, Khau Khai Man.

“50 years old – a new milestone in a person’s life full of poetry. I eagerly look forward to new experiences ahead”, the actor shared. Under the comments, many fans and viewers expressed their love and complimented Ngo My Hanh for still being young after many years of leaving the entertainment industry.

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Ngo My Hanh has lived a secretive life for many years. The actress secretly married her husband businessman Vuong Hoa Lan – a billionaire who owns a fortune of NT$10 billion. The marriage was only announced after she became pregnant with her daughter in 2007 and announced her retirement from acting.

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Thanks to skillful cultivation, the actress and her husband’s home is still happy after 15 years of attachment. “Wanting to keep a long-term relationship needs a lot of patience from both sides, it’s easy to say but very difficult to do. Husband and wife must understand, care and support each other’s work. If a relationship is built on money, it won’t last long. Time together is the best proof,” Ngo My Hanh shared. In 2011, she gave birth to another son and spent all of her time at home taking care of him.

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More than 10 years have passed, she has settled down with the role of the back for her husband who is a businessman.

Ngo My Hanh used to be TVB’s top Hoa Dan in the 2000s. With a bright face and good acting, Ngo My Hanh was loved by the audience through various shows. film Duong Quy Phi, Worthy of a daughter’s face, Tai Chi…

Having a career at its peak, Ngo My Hanh suddenly retired and withdrew from the village entertainment Since 2007. The actress is also almost secretive on the media and social networks. Occasionally, she attends some brand launch events in the Hong Kong entertainment industry and has no intention of returning to acting.

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