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Parents do these 4 things that make their children hurt more than divorce

Today, there are many families who have children but still choose to divorce because of stressful conflicts in life. They choose to divorce to free themselves and give each other the opportunity to find new happiness.

However, there are also some families that look very happy and peaceful on the outside, but there are many “storms” inside. These couples choose to continue living together so that their children have a complete home. They believe that divorce will hurt children, seriously affecting the development process.

But parents don’t know that the following 4 jobs hurt their children more than divorce. Let’s think about whether your family has these things!

1. Parents arguing in front of their children

Every family has a time when “rice is not good, soup is not sweet”. Arguing and arguing is normal. However, parents need to be careful not to raise their voices to each other in front of children.

When children see this scene, they will be scared, sad and disappointed a lot. Children will think that parents no longer love each other. This thinking negatively affects the psyche of the child.

Therefore, parents should not quarrel or quarrel in front of their children. Regarding problems in life as well as in work, parents can go to the bedroom or go to a coffee shop to have a private discussion. When calmly sharing, both sides will surely stop being angry and have an amicable solution.

Parents do these 4 things that make their children DANGER more than divorce: Prolonged status can lead to depression - Photo 1.

Parents should solve problems in private space, avoid arguing in front of their children. (Illustrated image)

2. Forced children to love their father or mother?

Children are innocent and pure like white paper. Many parents often like to ask their children whether they love their father or mother more. Before this question, children will feel awkward, not knowing how to answer. Because both parents are the relatives that children love the most. If any parent often makes this mistake, they should stop immediately.

3. Ignore your child’s advantages

In fact, each child has their own bright spots. But many parents only see the strengths of other children and ignore the advantages of their own children. Parents, think about it, your child also has many strengths, so why compare to hurt your child.

Parents’ comparative psychology helps children see the gap with others to inspire them to work harder and make progress. But making frequent comparisons becomes counterproductive. Not only are children not inspired, but on the contrary, they feel inferior and inferior to others. When effort goes unrecognized, the child becomes anxious, sensitive, and jealous.

Parents do these 4 things that make their children DANGER even more than divorce: Prolonged status can lead to depression - Photo 2.

The fact that parents do not recognize their strengths will make children feel guilty and self-deprecating. (Illustrated image)

4. Parents lie to their children

Parents lying to their children when they are young not only cause bad consequences now, but also in the future. Researchers have shown that parents who lie will make their children feel anxious, wary, and distrustful.

In addition, the bond between parents and children will be reduced because of lies. Relationships are no longer good after “harmless” lies. Young children tend to believe what adults say without a doubt, even when the lie is very absurd, such as: “If you watch a lot of TV, your eyes will become square”, “If you cry anymore, you will be taken away by snoring”, … When children realize that is not true, they will feel disappointed and distrust adults.

More dangerously, the fact that parents lie makes their children learn. A lot of things parents do will shape their children’s personalities as adults, including lying. Children who are often lied to by their parents tend to lie back to their parents, friends, and co-workers as they grow up. Instead of lying, parents should explain to their children to understand the problem.

Honesty, honesty will pay off in the future. When a child has a problem, he or she can be confident to tell the truth. luy-khon-luong-20220507120937163.chn

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