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People who are warmly received, who are like ‘invisible’

Ngo Thanh Van – EASYRare Vietnamese actors are honored to appear in many Hollywood blockbusters

Vietnamese stars act in Hollywood movies: People are warmly received, people are like 'invisible' - Photo 1.

Ngo Thanh Van appeared in the movie The Old Guard. Photo: Netflix

The top of the list is definitely Ngo Thanh Van – the star is known as the “woman” of Vietnamese cinema. Starting a career as a singer, but since entering the cinema, success has continued to Ngo Thanh Van and almost no one has ever denied her contributions to Vietnamese cinema…

Ngo Thanh Van is also one of the rare Vietnamese actors honored to appear in many Hollywood blockbusters such as: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Bright, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2… with a small amount of time, but enough to leave a deep impression on domestic and international audiences. When co-starring Wil Smith in Bright (2017), Ngo Thanh Van really made the Vietnamese audience admire. Bright is a fantasy film with a budget of 90 million USD.

Recently, the “damn woman” continues to appear in The Princess – The latest work of director Le Van Kiet, invested and produced by 20th Century Studios and released by Disney’s Hulu online platform. The Princess is Ngo Thanh Van’s second international project this year. The female slayer will soon return as the immortal warrior Quynh in the sequel The Old Guard produced by Netflix.

Dustin Nguyen confirmed through many quality Hollywood movies

Vietnamese stars act in Hollywood movies: People are warmly received, people are like 'invisible' - Photo 2.

Dustin Nguyenn is an actor and director of Warrior. Source: NSX

Dustin Nguyen is no stranger to Vietnamese audiences, as he is one of the overseas Vietnamese directors and actors who are not only successful in their homeland through cult films like Hero’s Blood, Let’s worry about it later, Buddha’s Firebut also in a foreign country, the name Dustin Nguyen has also been confirmed through many quality films.

Before returning to Vietnam, Dustin Nguyen participated in many Hollywood hit movies such as: 21 Jump Street, Charlie’s Angel. He once had the opportunity to play with the star Cate Blanchett in the movie Little Fish.

Recently Dustin Nguyen had the opportunity to appear in Warrior – work by Justin Lin – the filmmaker behind the brand Fast and Furious manufacturing. Besides acting, Dustin Nguyen also acted as a director in episode 6 of season 2 and received much praise. Information Dustin became one of the rare Vietnamese-born directors twice in charge Hollywood movies when continuing to make season 3 movies Warrior made many domestic audiences happy.

In the first season of Warrior Debuted in 2019, the overseas Vietnamese actor plays Zing – a villain with high martial arts skills. After the death of gang boss Fung Hai Tong, Zing became the main antagonist. When the second season was shot, Dustin intended to return to Vietnam to work on Vietnamese film projects, but he was stuck in the US because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Justin Lin knows Dustin has a passion for directing, had the opportunity to see some of his films in Vietnam such as Buddha’s Fire nice 789 Tenso I trusted him to direct episode 6 of season 2 Warrior.

Ly Nha Ky’s appearance in a Hollywood movie caused… disappointing

Vietnamese stars act in Hollywood movies: People are warmly received, people are like 'invisible' - Photo 3.

Ly Nha Ky once caused controversy when she appeared “swiftly” in Hollywood movies. Photo: ANTĐ

In 2010, the media as well as movie-loving audiences were excited by the news that Ly Nha Ky and Vu Thu Phuong were invited to act in a movie. Shanghai (Shanghai) featuring Gong Loi and Chow Yun Fat.

Returning home after participating in the film, actress Ly Nha Ky held a press conference to share about her difficult role in American movies. At the press conference, Ly Nha Ky said that she was very nervous and carefully prepared for the role that “requires acting from actions to eyes”. In addition to preparing the ability to act, foreign languages; This “beautiful woman” had to work hard for 13 days, from 6 a.m. until late at night. Also for participating in the movie Shanghai but the beauty suffered an eye injury due to flying firecrackers, she also had to undergo psychological treatment because the explosion was too loud…

Until Shanghai After debuting, Vietnamese audiences couldn’t help but be disappointed and disappointed because of the “super supporting” role of Vietnamese stars. In the film, Vu Thu Phuong and Ly Nha Ky play the role of two dancers performing some dance moves on the stage, serving as the background for the Japanese army’s hunt for Chinese rebels. Two Vietnamese beauties only appeared… a few short seconds, no dialogue, no action scenes.

Hong Chau is highly appreciated by film critics

Downsizing (2017) with the performance of Hong Chau is considered a candidate for the Oscar 90 Best Supporting Actress award. Source: Movieclips

Hong Chau was born in Thailand but raised and studied in the US, she graduated from Louisiana School of Mathematics, Science and Arts in Natchitoches. After graduating, she studied film at Boston University.

The journey to cinema begins there. Hong Chau intended to only do behind-the-scenes work, but she said she was already immersed in acting. She often appeared in her classmates’ student films and found herself to be quite good at acting. Her acting career revolved around small roles, such as in the TV series, How I Met Your Mother and NCIS.

Vietnamese stars act in Hollywood movies: People are warmly received, people are like 'invisible' - Photo 5.

Hong Chau used to act in movies with Matt Damon. Photo: TN

The most memorable milestone for Hong Chau is the movie Downsizing (2017) that Hong Chau had the opportunity to compare with superstar Matt Damon. Although only a supporting role, Hong Chau was highly appreciated by critics, bringing her a number of prestigious awards, even being considered a potential candidate for the Oscar category.

Best Supporting Actress at the 90th Academy Awards, but ended up not on the list. USA Today’s Andrea Mandell raged on her behalf when he wrote: “Hong Chau was stolen… a nomination that was only because she was a Vietnamese refugee, an Asian immigrant with her. English capital is heavy with Vietnamese intonation”.

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