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Phi Nhung’s daughter ‘singing’ with her mother

AmericaPhi Nhung’s daughter – Wendy Pham – harmonizes with her mother’s voice in the recording of the song “Mother is the motherland”, at the charity night.

* Audio: Wendy Pham sings “Mother is the motherland”

In the show on the evening of June 3 (local time), near the end of the program, the stage lights turned off, the images of the late singer on stage and everyday life were shown. Then, Wendy Pham appeared, duet with Phi Nhung singing from the video Mother is the homeland (Nguyen Quoc Viet). The song is one of the lyrical songs attached to Phi Nhung’s voice, which she recorded and performed in many places with Manh Quynh. During the performance, Phi Nhung’s daughter cried many times. To get this performance, Wendy Pham went to Ngoc Anh 3A’s house to study singing for two days.

Many viewers and colleagues couldn’t help but be moved when they saw the image of a mother and daughter duet such as: Manh Quynh, Huong Thuy… Under the audience’s seats, singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh recited the tune of the song. Manh Quynh said: “If Wendy Pham wants to sing in the future, I will replace Phi Nhung to guide her daughter.” Wendy Pham thanked everyone for their love and affection for her mother and daughter.

The concert had many overseas vocalists participating and supporting Phi Nhung’s school building fund. Y Lan contributed her voice with two performances If (Song Ngoc) and her husband duet the song Pity (Pham Duy). Manh Quynh chose two songs Baby, don’t cry (Hamlet Truong) and music composed by him Find you in memories, Huong Thuy sing Please pass the time soon (Lam Phuong)… In addition to singing, they also support money, contribute to the school building fund, in which Y Lan contributes 1,000 USD, Manh Quynh’s fans contribute 10 thousand USD.

Wendy (white dress) with her family and MC Duc Tien (purple vest), singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (right).  Photo: Facebook Nhung's Dream

Wendy (white dress) with her family and MC Duc Tien (purple vest), singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (right). Image: Nhung’s Dream Facebook

Program Nhung’s dream initiated by Manh Quynh, in order to raise money to build a Vietnamese language school in the US according to the wishes of Mr Phi Nhung. In three hours, the organizers donated more than 21,000 USD to the fund to build a Vietnamese language school, next to Giac An Vihara (California, USA).

Manh Quynh said: “During her life, Phi Nhung often confided in me that she wanted to open a school because she had not received a proper education before. Her grandson could not speak Vietnamese, so Phi Nhung had a desire to open a school to help her family. Children in America can learn to talk to their family members.” Before his death, the singer contributed to the school building fund with the amount of 50,000 USD supported by friends.

Wendy is Phi Nhung’s only biological daughter. She currently works as a nurse at a hospital in the US and has two children. After her mother passed away, she opened a YouTube channel to share her life and memories with her mother.

Phi Nhung passed away at the age of 51, at 12:15 pm on September 28, 2021 after contracting Covid-19. She was born in 1970, from Gia Lai. In 1989, she went to the US, sang charity work at the temple and succeeded in the overseas music village. In 2005, Phi Nhung returned to the country, still pursuing the music of her homeland, and adopted many orphans.

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