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Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots have miscarriages?

Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots have a miscarriage?

According to nutritionists, pregnant women can eat bamboo shoots during pregnancy because this is a food that contains a lot of nutrients, including fresh and dried bamboo shoots.

Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots have miscarriages?  - first

Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots have a miscarriage? (Illustration)

However, pregnant women need to be careful not to eat too many bamboo shoots during pregnancy, should only eat about 1-2 times a month and the maximum amount to eat each time is about 200g.

Currently, there is no scientific research to prove that eating bamboo shoots will cause miscarriage or harm the fetus. Because pregnant women are often worried about being poisoned, they should avoid supplementing with bamboo shoots during pregnancy.

The truth is that bamboo shoots contain glucoside active ingredients, which when taken into the body, this substance will be absorbed by the stomach and converted into a potentially toxic substance called cyanydric acid.

Therefore, some cases of poisoning due to not being able to remove this toxin before cooking causes food poisoning symptoms such as numbness of the tongue, headache, nausea, convulsions, low blood pressure, worse. respiratory paralysis is possible.

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There are many different opinions around eating bamboo shoots of pregnant women. (Illustration)

The glucoside active substances in bamboo shoots can be reduced when cooked, specifically, this value will decrease from 32-38 to 2.7mg in 100mg of fresh bamboo shoots, and bamboo shoots can contain about 10mg of glucoside in the broth. Therefore, pregnant women should limit the use of bamboo shoots for cooking.

In addition, pregnant women who are only 3 months pregnant should limit eating bamboo shoots because at this stage, the mother’s body still needs to adapt to the changes inside. If eating a lot of bamboo shoots can cause indigestion, flatulence, glucoside can also reduce iron metabolism, causing anemia in the body of pregnant women.

Not only that, bamboo shoots can also cause uterine contractions, stimulate labor if used in large quantities.

Benefits of bamboo shoots for pregnant women

Bamboo shoots contain rich minerals and vitamins. In particular, freshly picked bamboo shoots also contain a lot of vitamin A and vitamin E, thiamin, niacin… are all very good compounds for pregnancy. Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots in sufficient quantity can get a number of health benefits such as:

– Support to strengthen the immune system: Bamboo shoots contain antibacterial and antiviral properties, so eating bamboo shoots during the changing seasons can prevent flu and colds.

– Support and beneficial for the heart: Because the fiber in bamboo shoots helps reduce bad cholesterol absorption, the addition of fiber has the effect of softening stools, reducing intestinal obstruction. Thereby, bamboo shoots help treat constipation during pregnancy quite effectively.

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Eating bamboo shoots also brings many different benefits to pregnant women. (Illustration)

Helpful aids in weight control: Bamboo shoots are considered one of the low-calorie and high-fiber foods, so they both support digestion and create a feeling of fullness for longer.

– Cancer prevention support: In bamboo shoots possess quite a lot of antioxidants, preventing the activity of free radicals, which are believed to be the cause of cancer.

Tips for pregnant mothers to eat bamboo shoots

– To help the bamboo shoots become bitter and free from toxins, after buying fresh bamboo shoots, the mother should peel them, cut them into thin slices and then put them in a basin of water to soak overnight. The next day, rinse the bamboo shoots with clean water and boil until thoroughly cooked. Note, do not cover the pot when boiling bamboo shoots. After boiling, it must be soaked in clean water to remove toxins.

– For dried bamboo shoots, you should soak bamboo shoots with salt water for at least 6 hours. During the soaking time, it is necessary to drain the water several times, then boil it again and drain it until the water is ready for processing.

Pregnant women who eat bamboo shoots have a miscarriage?  - 5

Pregnant women should know how to prepare bamboo shoots before eating. (Illustration)

– Pregnant women should avoid eating processed bamboo shoots because they are not guaranteed during the preliminary processing.

– Choose fresh and delicious bamboo shoots, still fresh, bamboo shoots have no spots and still smell a light aroma. If you choose pre-processed bamboo shoots (thinly shaved, peeled), you should choose the type with natural ivory white color, crispy and lightly fragrant.

– Do not buy bamboo shoots with eye-catching colors (too white or too yellow) because they can be marinated with chemicals. In the process of boiling bamboo shoots, regularly open the lid to let the toxins fly away.

– Do not eat cold food immediately after eating bamboo shoots to avoid causing digestive upset. In addition, should chew slowly and have symptoms of bloating, you need to notify your doctor immediately.

– Pregnant women with poor digestive system, gallstone disease, real stones should not use bamboo shoots because it can make the disease worse.

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