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Queen of England joins skit with Paddington bear, reveals ‘secret’ in handbag

Queen Elizabeth II opened the Platinum Party at the British royal palace on June 4 with an appearance in a skit with the participation of one of Britain’s symbols: Paddington bear.

The Queen of England participated in skits with Paddington Bear, revealing the 'secret' in her handbag - photo 1

Tea party scene between Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear


In skits pre-recorded and shown at the congratulatory party Platinum Celebration At Buckingham Palace in London, the queen showed off her sense of humor and acting prowess while hosting a tea party with the British-loved Paddington bear, according to the Journal. People.

After Paddington bear thanked the queen for welcoming me during the celebration, the queen asked “how about tea?”

So Paddington Bear picked up the teapot and drank it almost completely, leaving only a few drops of tea in the pot. To this scene, the queen reacted very calmly: “don’t worry too much”.

“Perhaps you’d like a marmalade sandwich,” said Paddington Bear, taking the cake from his hat. “I always carry a sandwich with me in case of an emergency,” the bear said.

“Me too. I’ll put the cake in here,” the queen replied, taking the sandwich out of her familiar handbag.

Next, the servant looked through the window Buckingham Palace and inform the queen that the party is about to begin.

“Happy Platinum Day, Your Majesty. And thanks for everything,” said Paddington Bear.

This is not the first time the character Paddington bear has met members of the British royal family. In 2017, this character once danced with Princess Kate Middleton.

And this is not the first time Queen Elizabeth II has shown her acting talent. At the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London, the queen appeared in a skit alongside actor Daniel Craig as the famous James Bond spy.

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