Shopping festivals are the driving force of “closing orders” for more than 67% of consumers

Summer 2022 is back to being a true summer for all of us. It can be said that, experiencing many “shocks” during the 2 years of Covid-19 raging, a shift in shopping habits is inevitable for every shopaholic. Stay up-to-date on new trends that will be crowned this summer through data from Lazada – the leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam.

Going to the online market has become a habit

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular among Vietnamese consumers, especially the trend of buying food online. Because of the long distance in the past 2 years, most consumers have clearly realized the convenience, speed, safety and also very economical from buying food online. This product group is currently showing a breakthrough in both revenue and product consumption with double-digit growth.

Shopping summer 2022: Shopping festivals are the driving force for

Going to the online market has become a habit of Vietnamese consumers

Shoppertainment gets a great response during shopping festivals

According to Lazada Group’s Southeast Asia Online Consumer Behavior survey, shopping festivals have become the driving force behind the ordering behavior of more than 67% of consumers. In the early 2022, specifically from March 24 to March 29, the end of Lazada’s ‘Birthday of the Century’ shopping festival, the number of customers participating in buying on LazLive livestream channel has increased by 5 times. times compared to the same period last year, helping to increase revenue from LazLive 10 times. Taking advantage of the shopping festival offers, more than half a million users received MAX Cashback vouchers for 3 days ‘Birthday of the Century’ from March 27, 2022 to March 29, 2022. This figure has shown that the Shoppertainment trend (form of online shopping combined with entertainment) in shopping festivals has really attracted and stimulated the shopping needs of consumers.

Shopping summer 2022: Shopping festivals are the driving force for

The Lazada SuperShow Music Festival took place on the occasion of the “Birthday of the Century” shopping festival with a grand stage and a star-studded cast that made millions of fans unable to take their eyes off.

E-commerce is increasingly trusted for consumers to shop for Health Care and Beauty products

Statistics from Lazada show that the Health and Beauty industry maintains its leading position in growth. Specifically, the Health sector’s revenue recorded the highest growth rate in the whole floor with a growth rate of up to three digits.

In particular, LazMall – Lazada’s genuine store system, has strongly contributed to strengthening the belief in product quality on e-commerce of Vietnamese NTDs. Along with that, LazMall has become one of the shopping channels trusted and favored by NTDs when continuously achieving impressive sales figures such as increasing 16 times compared to normal days on the occasion of “Birthday of the Century”. from March 27, 2022 to March 29, 2022.

Top most searched products/categories this summer

Based on the product keywords searched and the top products ordered in April 2022 and the first half of May 2022, some products are predicted to record explosive sales this summer, in which the most prominent are summer experience products. Because after nearly 2 years of social distancing, the followers are planning to get ready for a really explosive and exciting summer with a variety of experiences. Therefore, products associated with movement such as backpacks, shoes, sandals, headphones … are in the top search.

In addition, beauty, fashion & travel products also attract huge traffic. Specifically, for the Beauty industry, skin care products that help face the heat, restore & moisturize are expected to sell better because the women’s need to protect their skin is especially appreciated. enhance and focus on summer with many activities. For the Electronics industry, convenient and compact pocket-sized products that are suitable for outdoor activities or travel will also be purchased a lot. In addition, sellers in the fashion industry are expected to experience explosive revenue in terms of visits and interest when people’s demand for travel and outdoor activities increases. With the Mother & Baby category, sellers should immediately update their summer clothing products; especially summer shoes to be able to meet the needs of consumers who are nursing mothers, to prepare children to comfortably play. In addition, eVouchers related to food, travel, and transportation are also attracting consumers and are expected to continue to grow in terms of product sales.

On the other hand, the Health sector is expected to continue to lead the growth because after 2 years of the epidemic, most people have improved their own awareness and need for health care. Products that support organizing & cleaning in the Home decoration category will still receive a lot of attention from consumers to ensure wonderful moments with relatives and friends right in their homes.

Shopping summer 2022: Shopping festival is the driving force of

Product groups of health care, beauty, fashion & travel, home decoration, products for mother & baby are expected to attract consumers this summer.

6 “play-to” activities for users during shopping festival 6.6 on Lazada

Shopping summer 2022: Shopping festivals are the driving force of

From the forecasts about shopping trends and the top products by category that will attract consumers this summer, it can be seen that the summer of 2022 will definitely really explode. With the criterion of always accompanying and making efforts to innovate to improve the user experience, Lazada will bring to the Shopping Festival with a series of really great vouchers and deals. Specifically, Lazada Vietnam e-commerce platform will officially launch the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Sale to Come” from 0:00 on June 6 to the end of June 10, 2022 with 6 outstanding activities. : Lazada SuperShow Music Festival – the starting point for a “play next” summer; “play next” sale with millions of hot deals up to 50% off; Shop “play next” with free shipping 0VND nationwide; Enjoy add “play to” discounts with a series of attractive discount vouchers; Hunting for bargains and having fun at the same time with LazLive and LazGame; “Next summer, Style comes” – a playground for style believers.

Shopping summer 2022: Shopping festivals are the driving force of

Lazada Supershow Music Festival will officially return at 19:00 on June 5, 2022 with the participation of top Vpop stars.

On this occasion, each order on Lazada during the 6.6 Shopping Festival can accumulate up to 6 vouchers (Lazada voucher, seller voucher, cumulative voucher, payment voucher and freeship voucher, LazCoin) to help optimize the price. and bring consumers the best shopping experience.

See details about the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Next Sale” taking place from 6/6-10/6/2022 here.


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