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Special notes when candidates have been admitted to university temporarily

According to statistics, many schools have now announced the list of temporary admitted candidates by separate admission methods. However, the enrollment regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training have not yet been promulgated. Schools believe that the issuance of regulations this year compared to other years is too slow, making it difficult for schools to enroll students.

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Therefore, when applying for separate admission methods, schools must temporarily rely on the draft Regulation on enrollment of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The expected new point that the Ministry of Education and Training announced in this year’s enrollment season is that all admissions methods must be posted on the Ministry’s admissions portal during virtual filtering.

Candidates can register their aspirations in many fields, many methods of admission, and many different schools, there is no limit on the number, but they must arrange their aspirations in order of priority from highest to lowest.

This expected new point has not been officially issued in the regulations, so it makes schools and candidates confused and worried.

Recently, when receiving the notice of temporary admission to the University of Economics, Hanoi National University, many candidates said that in the email sent to the candidate, the school sent a link to confirm the information. In this link, there is content that requires candidates to confirm the steps to receive the official acceptance letter. In which, the first content is that the candidate will arrange the temporary admission request as the 1st wish.

With this content, many parents and candidates worry that if the school does not confirm the implementation of the above steps, the school will remove the candidate’s name from the successful list.

Talking to Tien Phong, a representative of the University of Economics said that because the Regulations have not been issued, the school does not have a specific basis to make regulations in enrollment.

However, this person insisted that candidates do not need to worry. Because the above content is a form of advice for candidates, if a candidate wants to receive an official admission notice to enter the school after knowing the results of high school graduation and virtual filtering, it is necessary to register the temporarily matriculated aspiration. highest hope.

“This is not a mandatory requirement or a candidate’s commitment to the school, but only to advise candidates to understand the new points of this year’s enrollment,” said the representative of the University of Economics.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, said that a candidate’s chances of being admitted by separate examination methods depend on whether the candidate has registered the highest admission requirements on the list. system of the Ministry of Education and Training; These aspirants have been temporarily matriculated at the training institution and are on the list of candidates put on the system for virtual filtering by the schools.

However, during the admission process, schools are not allowed to ask candidates for admission confirmation in any way; Schools are autonomous and responsible for admissions, deciding on matriculation scores and uploading them to the system for virtual filtering.

Schools can only advise and guide candidates if they have aspirations and wish to enroll at the school, when registering their admission requests on the system, they must be given the highest priority; It is not allowed to ask candidates to commit to register as the 1st or the highest aspiration on the enrollment system of the Ministry of Education and Training with the aspirants that have been temporarily matriculated.

Ms. Thuy also said that the admission rules of the Ministry of Education and Training also stipulate that candidates must be given the highest chance of being admitted and have the right to determine priority aspirations among eligible training programs and disciplines.

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