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“Tear the net” HAGL, Nguyen Hai Huy received a reward of 30 million VND

Before the match between Hai Phong and HAGL took place, the opening ceremony of the four heroes tournament with the participation of 4 clubs including the host Hai Phong and 3 away teams HAGL, Viettel, Hanoi FC was held, with the presence of Coach Park Hang-seo and head coach Mai Duc Chung. Since this is a friendly tournament that is not part of the VPF’s organization system, Hai Phong fans are free to light flares continuously before and during the match.

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Nguyen Hai Huy received VND 30 million after scoring the opening goal against HAGL.

Besides the attractiveness of the match with the appearance of many key players in both HAGL and Hai Phong such as Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Van Toan, Hai Huy, Martin Lo, Rimario, Chau Ngoc Quang…, BTC also increases the motivation for the players by willing to reward 30 million VND for the first scorer of the match.

And the recipient of this bonus is Hai Huy. Specifically in the 28th minute, Rimario overcame Van Thanh and leaned over to finish. Although he could not beat goalkeeper Van Truong on HAGL’s side, the ball bounced towards Hai Huy. HAGL’s captain midfielder rushed to finish the empty goal, opening the score for Hai Phong. Thanks to that, Hai Huy was awarded 30 million VND.

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HAGL played very badly on Lach Tray field.

HAGL continued to concede the second goal in the 50th minute. Xuan Truong made the mistake of letting his old teammate Chau Ngoc Quang steal the ball right in front of the HAGL penalty area. Then, Ngoc Quang passed it to Rimario. After some swinging movements, Rimario created conditions for Viet Hung to score into the empty goal. Viet Hung is also a player that HAGL is lending to Hai Phong. So he did not celebrate after conceding his old team.

Also because the two teams have many players on HAGL’s staff, so the love off the pitch between the two sides is also great. As noted, in the tunnel before the match, HAGL and Hai Phong players exchanged warm and friendly handshakes. Midfielder Chau Ngoc Quang politely shook hands with Luong Xuan Truong.

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