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The mother of 3 had sex with her new boyfriend for the first time and felt a sharp pain, had to go to the emergency room

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of Office of the Training Center (National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that in sex life, sexual accidents are more common in men than in women, but with Women who have problems with sex will have more serious consequences. In addition to physical injuries, women also experience many mental injuries, psychological trauma, even loss of sexual instinct. Doctor Thanh said that women of any age can have an accident during “communication”. The reason may be due to difficult positions, use of sex tools or maybe not really good warm-up, especially for those who are in perimenopause.

Most recently, Dr. Thanh received and treated a patient named H (40 years old, in Hanoi) who was hospitalized with heavy vaginal bleeding after sex. The female patient shared that she herself had 3 children and divorced her husband 2 years ago, since then, Ms. H has not been intimate with anyone.

About 2 months ago, Ms. H met a man of the same age and before the hospital admission, the two had sex, which was also the woman’s first time with her new boyfriend.

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Women who have not had sex for a long time, especially in the pre-menopausal age, need to pay attention to the warm-up stage. Illustration.

“The patient confided that he felt dry when he first started up, but because of his boyfriend’s afternoon, he continued. After a strong movement of her boyfriend, the patient felt a sharp pain inside the forbidden area and bleeding. The accident happened in the evening, but because of fear, it was near morning, when the blood did not stop, the patient went to the doctor. When he entered the hospital, the patient had lost a lot of blood,” said Doctor Thanh.

At the hospital, Ms. H was diagnosed with torn clothes and was treated and monitored. Doctor Thanh said, the same map is where the vagina attaches to the uterus in a roundabout way. Those detours create the same map as the same before, the same after, and the same map on either side. Under the strong impact, the same clothes can be torn, causing the woman pain and bleeding a lot.

According to Dr. Thanh, in cases of long-term sex, often the vagina lacks mechanical dilation, is no longer smooth, healthy, elasticity is much reduced, so it is easy to have problems.

“Regular sex, in addition to mechanical dilation, also helps to increase blood flow to the vagina, improving the health of the pelvic floor muscle system. Not only that, in men’s semen, in addition to sperm, there are many nutrients and hormones such as testosterone that help moisturize and nourish the sensitive area of ​​women,” said Dr.

Take a specific example in the case of Ms. H, the cause of the tearing of the same clothes is due to a long time of not having sex, the patient is in perimenopause, so the vagina is dry, shortened, not secreting enough. slime should have crashed.

Doctor Thanh recommends that women in the perimenopause stage, who have not been close for a long time, need to warm up carefully, do not perform too hard, when there are abnormal signs such as burning pain, dryness, bleeding, they should stop immediately. and go to the doctor for advice, to avoid possible incidents.

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