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The mystery of a series of needle attacks occurred in Europe

According to the AP news agency, hundreds of needle attacks have occurred in many European countries in the past few months.

As of June 2, about 302 people France reported to the authorities that he suffered from needle injuries for unknown reasons, when he went to nightclubs or attended concerts.

Many French doctors, police and prosecutors have conducted investigations in different areas, but it is not clear who is behind the series of cases. attack on and why they did it, as well as the possibility that the victims were injected with drugs or any other substance.

“On May 4, I attended a rap concert held in the Lille department in northern France. There, I used alcohol. When I got home, I felt dizzy, had a headache and found a needle in my arm,” Tomas Laux told The Associated Press.

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A group of young French men went to a nightclub. Photo: AP

According to Mr. Laux, the above symptoms did not go away the next day. “So I went to the doctor and was advised to go to the emergency room. The medical staff confirmed there was a puncture, and I had to be tested for HIV and hepatitis B. Fortunately, the test results were negative, just like the other victims. I’ve been slowly getting rid of the habit of going to concerts since then,” Laux said.

Another victim, Ms. Leanne Desnos, who lives in Bordeaux, France, also shared her own story. “I went to a club in April. The next day, I felt dizzy and hot when I was at a fast food restaurant. When I got home, I noticed that there was a puncture wound on my hand. Then I went to the dispensary to get tested,” Ms. Desnos said.

According to the AP news agency, these are just two of hundreds of cases of needlestick stabbing that occurred in many French cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes… in the past few months. Those targeted are mainly women, when there are puncture wounds that cause bruising on the skin causing them to have symptoms of dizziness.

In the UK, authorities have also recorded many similar cases, while Belgium and the Netherlands are expanding their investigation into a number of needle attacks.

“We didn’t find any foreign substances or drugs, but what worries us most is the risk of the person being attacked with HIV, hepatitis or other infectious diseases caused by the needles.” head of the Poison Control Center in the French city of Nancy, official Emmanuel Puskarczyk said.

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