The price of dragon fruit increases but the gardener is still not happy

The Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Association said that from the end of May until now (June 4), dragon fruits in the area are being purchased at a high price (16,000 – 23,000 VND/kg), but because they are in a new season. main season), so there is not much fruit for the granaries to buy.

Specifically, export dragon fruits of 300-350 grams/fruit or more, beautiful ears are purchased for between VND 20,000-23,000/kg, unqualified fruits are priced at more than half of the above price. .

According to the Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Association, the high price of dragon fruit is due to the fact that at the time of the season change (now at the beginning of the main crop), the amount of fruit in the gardens is not much, so the price is high for the traders.

The price of dragon fruit increases, but the gardener is still not happy - Photo 1.

A dragon fruit processing facility in Binh Thuan.

The current purchasing price of over 20,000 VND/kg is many times higher than that of the 2021 crop of Binh Thuan farmers. In the past 2 years, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the main export market of dragon fruit is China, which restricts trade, causing the price of this fruit to drop to the bottom at only 1,000-2,000 VND/kg at times. .

According to Binh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has more than 33,500 hectares of dragon fruit, the annual yield of fruit is about 700,000 tons. But nearly 2 years ago, dragon fruit could not be sold, so many farmer households destroyed the dragon fruit garden, reducing the area by about 10%, the whole province was only 29,830 ha (as of the first quarter of 2022).

In addition, the price of fertilizers, plant protection drugs, labor… has increased, so farmers are also less profitable.

Mr. Tran Van Toi, in Hong Liem commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan province said: “The price of dragon fruit at this time is broken, every season is about 10 days, half a month is ripe, so the price is high. Beautiful goods with white flesh are about 20,000 – 23,000 VND/kg, while red intestines are in full season, so the price is about 16,000 VND/kg for beautiful goods.At this time, the gardener has no stock. At that time, the price must have dropped again”.

According to Doan Sy

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