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The truck’s trunk is nearly 2 times larger

Regarding the case overturned truck Crushing a car caused 3 deaths in Hoa Binh province, the leader of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department, the Vietnam Registry said that through direct inspection at the scene of a serious traffic accident that killed 3 people in the province. Hoa Binh shows that the actual size of the truck’s trunk is 1.13m higher than the original specifications.

The case of a truck overturning a car caused 3 deaths: The truck's trunk was nearly doubled - Photo 1.

The scene of the tragic traffic accident

Specifically, right after receiving information about a serious accident on Ho Chi Minh road through Hoa Binh province, the working group of the Registry Department directly went to the scene to coordinate with the authorities to solve the problem. determine the consequences and investigate the cause of the accident.

According to actual measurements at the scene after the accident, truck BKS 29H-770.16 has a length of 6.78 m; 2.31 m wide and 1.85 m high. Meanwhile, according to the Registration Certificate, this truck bearing the CNHTC brand, manufactured in 2021 in China, is allowed to carry 2 people (including the driver), and is allowed to carry 13.1 tons; The body of the vehicle is 6.5 m long x 2.3 m wide x 72 cm high.

“Thus, the actual trunk is 28 cm longer and 1.13 m higher (the height is 2 times larger than the registration certificate). From the image taken at the time of registration, this vehicle shows that this vehicle has been extended in length and height compared to the original” – said the leader of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department.

The owner of the vehicle according to the registration certificate is Van Phu Trading and Transport Company Limited (address: Team 8, Vien Khe, Hop Tien Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi). Vehicles are granted a registration certificate for circulation at the latest on September 28, 2021 at the Registration Center No. 29-23D and valid until the end of September 27, 2023.

Thus, at the time of the accident, driver Nguyen Van Doanh (SN 1993, residing in Hop Tien commune, My Duc district, Hanoi) was carrying a load of soil, seriously violating the regulations on overloading goods. allowed weight.

On the morning of June 5, information from the police of Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province said that this agency is criminally holding the truck driver in a particularly serious traffic accident where the truck overturned on top of a passenger car, causing 3 one person died, one person was injured to serve the investigation.

Accordingly, the identity of the truck driver was identified as Nguyen Van Doanh (SN 1993, living in Hop Tien commune, My Duc district, Hanoi). After the accident happened, the driver Danh went to the police to report.

According to a quick report of the Traffic Safety Board of Hoa Binh province, at about 3:45 p.m. on June 4, at Km472+960, Ho Chi Minh Street in the territory of Hop Ly hamlet, Bao Hieu commune, Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, the incident occurred. caused a particularly serious traffic accident between a truck of BKS: 29H – 770.16 carrying soil after colliding with an excavator that overturned, on top of a BKS truck: 36A – 615.xx.

The accident killed 3 people in the car on the spot, 1 injured was taken to the hospital. The identities of the deceased victims include: driver Pham Van T. (born in 1991, residing in Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa); Ms. Nguyen Thi H. (born in 1962, residing in Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa) and Ms. Tao Thi H. (SN 1985, residing in Khanh Hoa province).

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