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The young man left the town to return to his hometown, living with his grandparents on the edge of the forest

Before Covid-19, Nguyen Linh (31 years old) worked in the technology field in Hanoi. As the epidemic became more and more stressful, he felt pressured by the chaotic life in the city.

Linh decided to return to her hometown in Nhu Xuan district (Thanh Hoa province) to live with her parents. For a while, he felt constrained because young people wanted to be independent and develop themselves.

“My hometown is surrounded by hills and mountains, so I have to do something to take advantage of this strength”, the young man thought.

After returning to visit her sick grandfather, Linh suddenly realized that her grandparents were old and lacked everything when living on the edge of the forest.

“My parents wanted to pick them up many times, but the two of them were determined not to leave the simple roof with the garden and the field. I would like to come here to live the part to take care of my grandparents, the part I want to improve this place to become more beautiful,” he said Zing.

However, family and relatives objected, and friends also thought that Linh was “crazy” when she gave up a stable job to return to the forest.

The boy left the town to return to his hometown, living with his grandparents on the edge of the forest - Photo 1.

Linh asked her parents to live with her grandparents to take care of them and develop the farm.

Poor but peaceful

The day she moved in with her grandparents, Linh looked around and saw a peaceful and favorable landscape for her idea of ​​​​farming. However, he was a little hesitant because this place is far from residential areas, there is no electricity and the source of living water is taken from a long-standing well that is cloudy and muddy.

“When I saw the smiles of my grandparents waiting for me in the front yard, I knew that they had lived alone for too long and needed me. Maybe I don’t have much time to be with the two of you. I may regret going back to the forest, but I don’t regret when I reform my life with my grandparents,” he said.

First, Linh brings clean water from the stream to replace well water. Every day, he helps his grandparents grow vegetables, take care of the garden, plow, raise more chickens and ducks and do heavy work for him.

The day before, Linh added a bamboo fence around the pond after plowing with her grandparents. Although she still lacks many things, Linh finds life peaceful.

Not pink

For Linh, leaving the city to return to her hometown has the advantage of being comfortable, being in harmony with nature, living slowly to care for her loved ones more and making up for what she has missed.

However, the difficulty is having to learn more life skills and accept things that are far from your expectations.

“Life can’t be as rosy as the street pictures of the forest that people see online. It’s sweat, tears, learning, getting used to the scorching sun instead of sitting in an air-conditioned room like before,” he said.

At first, Linh had some regrets when she returned to the forest. But seeing the growing flock of chickens and ducks, the growing vegetable garden, enjoying the fruits of his self-made hands and hearing the laughter of his grandparents, he felt that all his fatigue was greatly reduced.

“I don’t want to go back to the city yet because even though the conditions are better there, life is full of pressure and constraints. Fortunately, everything in my grandparents’ house still has simple, nostalgic values. This place does not have electricity, still uses kerosene lamps, so sometimes I go to my parents’ house to do other jobs,” Linh said.

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